ADOBE AEROBAT won't open!!!!!

twonk, Nov 9, 4:21am
Why?it was working fine last week!Now when I click on the icon or try to open an attachment with PDF, nothing happens.Can anyone help me, I'm pulling my hair out here.

drcspy, Nov 9, 4:22am
there is NO such program.

0800xford, Nov 9, 4:23am
but we said don't use it...

drcspy, Nov 9, 4:24am
yeh get it together you've already been told what to do wasn't that good enough for you ?

twonk, Nov 9, 4:25am
Adobe Reader. sorry

twonk, Nov 9, 4:27am
Hey come on guys, I really don't know what to do.I appreciate the help, but I am computer illiterate.When I am trying things, things don't seem to work, or I don't understand.If it worked last week, I thought there most be something quite simple to fix it, thats all.

0800xford, Nov 9, 4:28am
don't bother it's garbage.

get foxit or sumatra

dang i forget the other one you windows users use...
abiword is good too [but it's far more than a pdf viewer]

alas, we resort to copy/pasting things we have already said

drcspy, Nov 9, 4:28am
you were given a link or two in the other was for foxit reader that's TINY compared to acrobat did you bother to download and install it ?....

movies2go, Nov 9, 10:43am
I got the lastest dobe reader (9.1) via pc world magazine saves downloading.But does same old crap the others did.Anyone like acrobat reader pro and it does excist.

dunedin_ree, Nov 9, 10:53am
Oh, that's the PDF reader with thousands of tiny holes in it.


0800xford, Nov 9, 10:51pm
this is compatible with the paradise browser and compaque computers
and naturally has been immortalised...

little_egypt, Nov 9, 11:03pm
Absorbent. Yellow . Porous.

0800xford, Nov 9, 11:16pm
sponge worthy


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