D-Link ADSL Modem DSL-302G needs replacing

Im using this moden on my broadband at present. Im aware this is quite old and slow compared to modern day ones. It also suddenly seems to be disconecting a lot (suspect it is the moden rather than the connection). What spec modem would you regard as a suitable replacement, nothing fancy, just a standard one?

geek_donalstuart, Nov 8, 12:45 pm

Most areas are being upgraded from ADSL (8Mbits/s) to ADSL2+ (24Mbits/s) over the next year or so. So if you want the best speeds, get one that is ADSL2+ compatible.
Maybe avoid Dlink brand - people were dissing them a while back.

geek_r.g.nixon, Nov 8, 12:58 pm

Thanks RG

geek_donalstuart, Nov 8, 1:09 pm

Who are you with ?? as the Thomson 585v7 is a very good modem (Telecom).

geek_swivel, Nov 8, 1:14 pm

the 'speed' of the modem is'nt particularly relevant if you cant get adsl2.0 because it'll be quite sufficient for 'ordinary' adsl.Disconnections can be caused bya number of things and are not necessarily related to the modem itself at all.

geek_drcspy, Nov 8, 2:31 pm

i have the same & had it 4 yrs
problem sept 09 - found out a tech working on a cabinate somehow fried my 2 filters and my cordless ph i got a rebate for 2 filters from my slingshot but still awaiting for a reply from telecon for my cordless phone, so remove your cordless phone from the line?

geek_kevymtnz, Nov 8, 5:22 pm

i had the exact same thing, it was disconnecting dozens of times a day! new modem and all was fixed. Got a um Dlink 5xx i think, can't remember exactly.

We had the line looked into and everything, nothing showed, in our case, was definitely the modem.

geek_snuzal, Nov 8, 7:49 pm

Ring your ISP, and suggest that if they send you a new ADSL2+ modem with wireless, then you will agree to extend your contract for 12 months (ie; locked-in, termination fees would apply for early disconnection). If they don't want to play, say that's unfortunate because you have been rung by another ISP who offered you a free modem if you changed to their service, and that they will be taking care of the transfer process shortly. *Gyro glances at new Huawai modem, this really does work*

And perhaps not in the same conversation, but when you are on the phone to the ISP helpdesk, if you hear any noise, any snap crackle or pop, you say "did you hear that?". And then say "My line is noisy all the time, and I get frequent disconnections. Can you log a job please for Telecom to investigate the noise on my line." (over time my line had degraded, to the point I couldn't identify close friends that had left garbled messages on the answerphone. It's clear as Bell telephony now...)

geek_gyrogearloose, Nov 8, 8:13 pm

Anybody know if the 302g works with Vista?

geek_mone, Nov 11, 10:03 am

I have several of those d-links

a couple of 302's and 502's

of course they work with vista they're just a network device

geek_drcspy, Nov 11, 10:14 am

That's what i thought being just another USB plug and play device etc. But the my old DSL-200 does not work with vista , have tried installing the driver many times, then finally went to the dlink website and in the support page, it says no driver support for Vista.

geek_mone, Nov 11, 10:34 am

Use the ethernet interface, rather than USB.

geek_gyrogearloose, Nov 11, 10:36 am

yup fixed it with the 302g, the dsl200 doesnt have ethernet tho, just usb

geek_mone, Nov 11, 11:17 am