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porteous1, May 22, 1:19am
Hosting suggestions I am looking for a hosting facility that can handle all of the latest technologies and in addition will keep up with what comes on offer in the future. I have a site hosted at the moment and I am very happy with the reliability etc but I went to add a blog but this particular host could not handle it. Any suggestions appreciated.

soodanim, May 22, 1:22am
But I went to add a blog but this particular host What blog? Not all "scripts" work on ALL servers...Some hosts are Windows, others are Unix. Some things will work on both, some things will work on one or the other

soodanim, May 22, 1:26am

porteous1, May 22, 1:59am
Wordpresspoint of explanation, I am not a computer tech but simply build my own sites using Dreamweaver. I still have a lot to learn. What I am asking is what hosting facility would be the best one so I don't have to change later when I want to make additions.

the_horses, May 22, 3:12am
Are you looking for NZ hosting?

porteous1, May 22, 3:13am
Not necessarily.but preferably

hasbeana, May 22, 3:17am
I use for all my needs, got a few servers their

stardesta, May 22, 3:18am Blogging hosting and every thing else you need.

soodanim, May 22, 3:19am
DependsI'd go for linux...or I use a couple of different types...find linux a bit better but of course there some stuff that just won't work on it....but depends.

deodar, May 22, 3:22am
You must be having a Tupperware Party! The latest technology.

porteous1, May 22, 8:36am
I think they used to have Tupperware on Deodarremember?

dunedin_ree, May 22, 8:37am
I use dreamhost which has one-click installs for things like worpress, joomla, phpbb, etc.

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