Wireless adapter problem - is it working or not?

angelzw, Nov 5, 12:00am
No SP updates. Running XP. Is there any way to test if an adapter is working properly (besides using it in a setting where it's not working)? I can get an other adapter but am worried it will have jst the same problem.

vtecintegra, Nov 5, 12:04am
lul wat?Wireless barely worked in Windows pre XP SP2.

angelzw, Nov 5, 2:15am
Sorry, I meant there have been no updates that have affected use. It is running SP3 and has been working fine. Just stopped being able to connect to the internet. No new cordless phones in the house. PC still in the same place and has not been moved.

angelzw, Nov 11, 12:20am
bumping for suggestions....

mcceltic, Nov 11, 12:31am
tried uninstalling it in device manager and reinstalling?

noswalg, Nov 11, 12:34am
dunno bout suggestions but i've got the same model adapter that experienced the same problems as you when i first installed it in the end i installed a PCI adapter but tried it the other day and it worked fine, go figure!

angelzw, Nov 11, 12:35am
Yip done that. Used Win Zero config as well as the s/ware that comes with it. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Still same. Do you think it's likely that the adapter is not working. Should I just slot in a new one?

angelzw, Nov 11, 10:36am
bump................ anyone?

mcceltic, Nov 11, 10:13pm
tried it in the other computer?

angelzw, Nov 3, 4:20am
2 X XP Computers. One connected directly to wireless modem. All internet and email working well. 2nd pc upstairs running DLink DWA-110 Wireless G USB Adapter. Was running fine. Now not connecting to network. Uninstalled & reinstalled s/ware for adapter. Still same issue. I can connect an iPod touch to internet using the wireless connection. At times it shows available wireless networks then when you try and coonnect it sometimes shows the dLink network and sometimes it says no available networks. Does this suggest the adapter is 'faulty'? Can an adapter show full signal yet not be able to connect? Been thru all the settings with Telecom to no avail. In the end suggested I try and connect a laptop with wireless to make sure it isn't the modem itself. After the call I connected the iPod! Worked fine after network password was entered. I have no experience with wireless. Any help would be appreciated.

angelzw, Nov 3, 4:43am
Bumping..... anyone?

drcspy, Nov 3, 4:45am
try changin the channel the router broadcasts on its possible that some device in your house or even a neighbours is interfering

angelzw, Nov 3, 4:50am
Changed it to 11 from 6. Still not connecting. Also changed it from WEP to WPA as it's 802.11G (altho it did work on WEP)! Any other ideas?

angelzw, Nov 3, 6:29am
bumping ....... anyone?

rohb, Nov 3, 6:42am
What kind of wireless modem you got??Do you have a firewall going??

spyware, Nov 3, 7:53am
Delete any existing wireless connections (Adapter Properties/Wireless Networks Tab) and manually configure a connection with apppropriate SSID, encryption and passphrase.

--rjt--, Nov 3, 8:28am
Agreed and turn off SSID broadcast. Are you running an XP based PC? If so why are you using the DLINK software rather than Windows Zero Config? Any SP Updates that may have killed things?

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