Help SQL with Access 2007

OK so my SQL statement is WHERE (((tbl_StatusTypes.StatusType)-
="Allocated") AND ((tbl_SalesReps.SalesRepName)=-
Rep]) AND ((tbl_Calls.CallDate) Is Null))

Problem is that if tbl_calls at the end is empty there is not data returned. However, thats the point I want to show all contacts that have not been called. Any ideas on what the SQL should be??

geek_ilottl, Nov 12, 12:02 am

Paste the FROM part too.
Looks like you have INNER JOIN to tbl_Calls which will return parent rows only when matching row from tbl_Calls is found.

Replacing Inner Join (or plain JOIN) with LEFT OUTER JOIN should do the trick.

geek_joopa, Nov 12, 3:34 am

talk to mrtoken

geek_jancemord, Nov 12, 7:26 am