Microsoft Windows Server 2000, any good or too old

olack, Nov 16, 5:44am
..for a very basic commercial website not using visa cards or banking on the website.

dunedin_ree, Nov 16, 5:45am
What's the point when you can slap Apache on it?

tessal, Nov 16, 5:45am
too old,and useless for a very basic commercial website. That particular version,anyway.

tessal, Nov 16, 5:46am
*nod*4 APACHE

olack, Nov 16, 5:48am
I like using Windows XP, I know nothing about server operating systems and after seeing operating systems like the unix or whatever they are that have to be given commands by typing every time you want to do something I think I prefer something I can use like I use Windows XP.

olack, Nov 16, 5:49am
.......apache...will have a look at it now, thank you and you and you....and.......

vtecintegra, Nov 16, 6:13am
Just pay someone to host you site already.

You absolutely cannot do it cheaper by trying to host it yourself.

olack, Nov 16, 8:21am
I am already doing that vtecintgra. Best idea I ever got and paying around $9 month. I am getting around dealing with pilfering other peoples photos from their websites and then finding them disappearing from my website....I have not been arrested yet. I have about 7 months of learning slope remaining before I plan to use my own server.

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