Torrents go faster...

hazel26, May 22, 3:11am
Torrents go fasterwhen you're not looking at them. True story.

deodar, May 22, 3:29am
Thats why they're called Torrents FFS & not Dribbles.

landbased, May 22, 6:26am
A Crap Out! Get yourself on a decent tracker and you will max out your line speed every torrent. And you can watch them all you want.
Oh and done tell me Pirate Bay and Demonoid are decent..........

ellis123, May 22, 6:50am
Landbased what one is a decent tracker????

landbased, May 22, 6:56am
Well............any/certain private torrent sites. Google it and see what you come up with.

landbased, May 22, 7:00am
A Quick look.Try this...

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