Printer driver not compatible with XP

smarteevia, Nov 16, 4:37am
Hi, our printer recently packed in and we have been gifted one from a family friend that they never use. It is an Epson Stylus CX5500 and the problem I have is that they didn't have the software CD. I have found the relevant driver from the epson website but when I have gone to install it I got the following message "this driver has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatability with Windows XP." I am told that if I do install the driver, it could "impair or destabilize correct operation of your system either now or in the future". Any advice would be appreciated.

0800xford, Nov 16, 4:41am
are they xp drivers?
looks like it's the same driver for "Windows 2000, Windows 7, Window Vista, Windows XP"

gibler, Nov 16, 4:41am
big deal... just install it.


got2bin2win, Nov 16, 4:42am
Set a system restore point if ya feel bad about it, but just ignore it, i always do.

pheonix, Nov 16, 4:43am
As giblar has said, just say yes to it.
All it means is they didn't pay Microsoft to test that driver. Doesn't mean it will cause any problem.

smarteevia, Nov 16, 4:45am
#2 yes it was from epson site and for that printer there was a choice of 4 of which Ipicked the XP one - will follow your link now.
#3 & #4 thanks for that makes me feel safer - I've just never seen that message before.

0800xford, Nov 16, 4:46am
most of us probably turn that warning off, i do.
here is how to do it

cherrolet, Nov 16, 4:48am
Typical message these days.To me it just means they don't want you to use it - lol.

drcspy, Nov 16, 6:44am
not at all uncommon just ignore it

simply means that the driver creator hasn't submitted it to microfost for testing........

go ahead and install it I've never yet seen an issue ......

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