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lilyfield, Nov 16, 4:11am
version Xp. Question : When I forward junkmail using the BCC function The original senders address comes through in the letter, How can I avoid this? Can't find the right setting.

pheonix, Nov 16, 4:20am
After you press the forward button, highlight the original senders info in the email and press the delete button. Then Bcc to whoever you want and then send.

lilyfield, Nov 16, 4:27am
yes that is the obvious thing to do. highlights all right ,but won't delete.

0800xford, Nov 16, 4:38am
similar problem

pheonix, Nov 16, 4:39am
I take it you are talking about within the email itself, as it usually appears at the very start of the email.
Can't think of anything apart from ensure you ONLY highlight that info and it doesn't include a line below.

pheonix, Nov 16, 4:41am
The only other thing I can think of is it has something to do with the Junk folder as I do it from the inbox folder.
For an experiment you could drag it into the inbox and try forwarding from there and see if you can then delete it.

badcam, Nov 16, 4:46am
Just out of curiosity, to whom are you forwarding Junk Mail to? Why?

lilyfield, Nov 16, 4:50am
never mind the why,I am forwarding to myself to test. Don't want to bother other people with it .But previous sender comes through. this is what I do not want!

badcam, Nov 16, 4:51am
And just what exactly are you trying to achieve?

0800xford, Nov 16, 4:52am
forwarding junk mail to yourself?


lilyfield, Nov 16, 5:08am
As usually Oxy, you are a star. It worked, found the "inline" can now delete sender. Thanks. Not all junk is junk-sometimes its a photo I want to show someone else that my family has send.Good to know all the correct ways of mailing.

lilyfield, Nov 16, 5:09am
By the way-I am not that old,no Darvin in my house please

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