Acer Vs. Sony Vaio Laptop

what is the best laptop on the market today??????

geek_west67, Nov 15, 2:56 pm

The one that was new and given to you as a gift, If i wasn't such a tight wad id have a Qosmio X500/00X, Thanks Santa.

geek_got2bin2win, Nov 15, 3:08 pm

Crap. Techmaster is NZs agent for ASUS, warranty and non-warranty.
ASUS also make parts - not only their own but also for Sony laptops.

geek_lythande1, Nov 15, 3:18 pm

Sony is buying ASUS parts because they can get them cheap :)

geek_west67, Nov 15, 3:23 pm

My next computer will be custom built. it's probably better

geek_west67, Nov 15, 3:34 pm

What do you mean...I'm just telling it how I see it. I'm not here to be put down or abused.

geek_nik298, Nov 15, 4:08 pm

Your sample size of two computers, one of which may have been horrendously overprices means absolutely nothing at all.

geek_vtecintegra, Nov 15, 4:09 pm

I don't know a whole heap of techie speak about computers...I just like a laptop that does what I want and does it fast...had a lot of freezing issues on applications with the far none on the Toshiba. Here's the comparison: CPU...Acer (A): 2.2 AMD Turion dual core ultra, Toshiba (T): 1.8 Intel celeron dual core. RAM...A: 3GB, T: 2GB. HD...A: 320GB, T: 400GB. OS...A: Vista, T: Win7.
All I know is that the Toshiba works better for me, may not be everyones piece of cake, but I like it. I used the generalisation to make a point that the more you spend doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get a better product. End of story so stop being so picky!

geek_nik298, Nov 15, 4:17 pm

Acer 8920 gemstone blue here, runs flawlessly, no probs so far.My hp dv9000 had to have its mobo replaced 16mths after purchase, severe overheating probs burnt it out, still aftter mobo was replaced thanks to warranty its still hummin along 26mths later, probly cause it belongs to the misses now, doesnt get as much use lol.

geek_willie70, Nov 15, 4:21 pm

i guess it is just the luck of the draw what you get

geek_west67, Nov 15, 6:06 pm

Mine is Acer Aspire, almost 4 years old now, not one issue, even minor one, that i know of, still running great! Pentium M, 1.73 ghz, never experienced any of the issues people here have mentioned...

geek_maxi090605, Nov 15, 9:31 pm

mine exactly the same!!!

geek_west67, Nov 16, 12:12 pm