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nik298, Nov 14, 4:52am
drcspy....I guess I was one of the unlucky ones who had a lot of trouble with vista from the start....had a desktop at work with the first build on it, horribly slow compared to the HP laptop running XP at home...have found win7 so much more user friendly & faster...has the speed of XP & the looks of vista.
West67....that model laptop you mention above is over a year old...I use one at work and have no probs with it. I had to ask the store for the new Toshiba satellite I bought as they hadn't put them out yet (want to get rid of old stock no doubt), they still had them on the pallet out back! Look on the Toshiba website for the latest release laptops....that's where I found mine.

inteltech, Nov 14, 4:57am
all depends what features you require - personally I would recommend something from the hp business range...

west67, Nov 14, 5:07am
yea, they are the one's ministry of Education sent out to schools at beginning of the year. but i agree with you there are some really good Toshiba's on the market today

nik298, Nov 14, 5:21am
I'm really happy with my Toshiba...only had it since Wednesday. It's built really keyboard I've ever screen distortion when you push lid, great display, good sound...I could go on - I really love it!

maxi090605, Nov 14, 10:19am
I've searched TM MB for defective Vaios, only found a couple, that means they're seem to be sturdy...? On the other hand, I checked most computer shops today and compared prices, Toshiba and Lenovo appears so much cheaper than the rest with the same specs, I wonder why, could it be that they are not reliable in the long run????

pyro_sniper2002, Nov 14, 10:54am
I think alot of MOA establishments have swaped over to HP as the lease agreement was quite a bit cheaper than the Tosh laptops were this time around.

HP Business stuff is usually very good, had a few problems with elite books but other than that not to bad.

drcspy, Nov 14, 3:38pm
UM...........Yep that doesnt' suprise me. Initially as with xp machines were being sold 'underspecced' (not enuf ram for a start) and vista WAS a pig.It's dramatically improved since they put out the service packs.......

win7 is a lot less demanding on the system tho.

bloody microsoft.....put out vista and forced millions of people to buy it as it came pre-installed on most machines.Then a mere couple of years later 'oh sorry we screwed up it's a pig- but never mind - heres ANOTHER operating system you can buy from us'Greedy bastards

nik298, Nov 14, 6:41pm
The desktop at work was a Compaq with only 512MB RAM....just not big enough for Vista....we still have it & even with all the service packs, it's still a dog to use...drives me nuts! I also use a Toshiba Satellite L300 with Vista at work and it runs alot better......I have just sold my 8 month old Acer....wasn't impressed with it - I think it was the specs combined with Vista that I didn't like....looked very impressive on paper though (also didn't like the 16" screen - too big for a laptop)....I ended up getting my 4yo HP out and using that the last few weeks.

drcspy, Nov 14, 7:05pm

stressed568, Nov 14, 7:06pm
acer = problems

nik298, Nov 14, 10:00pm
I totally agree....I knew we were getting a new PC and I suggested my boss buy one with XP installed before Vista came out........

nik298, Nov 14, 10:01pm
I never had any real problems with my Acer...just didn't suit me or my needs....a friend of mine did have BIG problems though...especially with the service!

kitty251, Nov 14, 11:08pm
Well i have an asus Z92T and it worked fine the first 2 years, but this year has been nothing but problems. First the battery wouldnt charge and it constantly died, turned out the motherboard needed replacing (now also have a dead battery that is not covered under warranty), took 7 weeks to fix.
Now(approx 3months later) having more problems, strange lines and patterns on screen, screen going black, laptop not rebooting etc. Guess what? motherboard need replacing again after only 3 months of me having it back. The repair place has had it for 3 weeks now, they say it will be another 2 weeks before it is ready. so the saga continues.... getting a bit pissed off though. mine must be a lemon.
I'm now thinking about getting a macbook pro 15 inch, but might wait till the new ones come out. Are macbook pros reliable? do they have many problems?

datoofairy, Nov 14, 11:14pm
I had to ring Asus last week about an issue I had with my laptop.I spoke to a very helpful person in Auckland who arranged for it to be picked up the next day.
They rang me on Fridayjust to let me know what was happening and assured me I will have the laptop back by next Wed, a week after it went away.
Pretty good service and support, I think.

kitty251, Nov 14, 11:19pm
mine is now under extended warranry, so i don't deal with asus direct. I now wouldnt buy another asus, but thats just from personal experience. I guess i got a lemon

mone, Nov 14, 11:20pm
Being highly rated compared to Acer is not saying much.

got2bin2win, Nov 15, 12:19am
Being an avid Toshiba fan, I wouldn't buy any thing else(except perhaps dell or alienware) heck have a look for yourself on trademe, more Toshiba lappys listed than any other brand, Why ? been round longer? no... just more reliable, you will find more older models are still running ok, perhaps with dead or dying battery's where other brands older models have died, Acer's are the worse & Dr Asus might make there cards & mobos but they don't make there chips or components its either Nvidia, Radeon etc , & yes Toshiba might use a lot of Intel but at least they do make a lot of there own components chips & semiconductors etc never seen an Asutek capacitor,diode or transistor. In my opinion Toshiba's a strong notebook manufacturer but you do get what you pay for, they have budget models too & any new real untested technology could become a lemon, like the Qosimo video card lemon model.

west67, Nov 15, 12:34am
What Is good about Dell???

got2bin2win, Nov 15, 12:40am
Not a lot ^ but there high end machines, im talking when they bought out Alienware & started making some expensive higher spec machines, not the budget mass produced in the millions ok.

nik298, Nov 15, 1:06am
My Toshiba is a budget model ($1199) but it's alot better than a $1900 Acer!!!

vtecintegra, Nov 15, 1:08am
Thats a pretty stupid generalisation.

osymandias, Nov 15, 1:11am
No they freaking don't ok, they subcontract to foundries like TMSC, UMC etc No manufacturer makes their own chips anymore. Even AMD spun off their fab as Global Foundries, mkay...

Edit/ Well except Samsung...

west67, Nov 15, 1:14am
What are the specs on your Toshiba??? and what are the specs on the acer??? why do you say your Toshiba is better?

got2bin2win, Nov 15, 1:49am
Have owned both, worked on both, Acers have died or have freezing problems have had no problems with any of my toshibas except my 2 yr old tipping water on them which was easily fixed, And you lot get ya facts straight Toshiba Corp (6502.T), Japan's biggest chipmaker, the world's No.2 maker of NAND flash memory after Samsung Electronics Co (005930.KS), is eyeing stronger demand for the chips used in Apple Inc's (AAPL.O) iPhone, and for its system chips, used in Sony Corp's (6758.T) PlayStation3 game console. Just as an example why don't you google Toshiba semi conductors & actually find out what they do make, Good amps will have a lot of Toshiba IC's in them for starters.

west67, Nov 15, 1:56am
what is the best laptop on the market today??????

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