Acer Laptop making noises on start up ...

maikas, Nov 14, 7:03pm
Have had an Acer laptop for about 3 years now - when I start it up in the morning it makes an awful noise (hard to explain but it whirrs and chugs) - anyone know what might this be - internal fan perhaps????

drcspy, Nov 14, 7:10pm
yeop fulla dust ............get it cleaned or pull off one of the external covers on the bottom and do it yourself

0800xford, Nov 15, 1:42am
failing hard drive?
unlike the mechanic we won't make you 'make' the noises ha ha =p

gyrogearloose, Nov 15, 1:46am
Is there a CD in the drive, try taking it out and rebooting.

got2bin2win, Nov 15, 1:56am
Yeah sloppy fan for cpu cooling, once it gets up to speed it centers it self & spins better, needs cleaning and a lube, cant understand that Acers are so reliable & built to last. . . Not.

0800xford, Nov 15, 1:58am
it lasted 3 whole years, that must be a record

west67, Nov 15, 2:07am
possibly lost a bearing

got2bin2win, Nov 15, 2:10am
Bearing ??? its an Acer man come on.... price= bronze bush.

maikas, Nov 15, 6:42pm
Thanks all for your help - yes, fan was full of dust (surprise, surprise). Ripped the back off and sucked the dust out with the vacuum (eek!) - it's running perfectly now thanks - no weird noises!!! I realise Acer's are far from the better brand but hey, if an Acer can survive a blast from a vacuum cleaner, I'm impressed!

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