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olack, Nov 15, 6:33am

olack, Nov 15, 6:37am
oh, never mind, I do not have a Windows 2000 Pro cd.

pcmaster, Nov 15, 6:47am
screw that method, looks like too much hassle, just get a server edition of windows

seriouslycgi, Nov 15, 7:03am
holy crap olack get a linux distro already

pcmaster, Nov 15, 7:04am
or that

dunedin_ree, Nov 15, 7:11am

gibler, Nov 15, 8:03am
virtual machine appliances FTW.

lifesteala, Nov 15, 8:04am
Uniform Server... windows based!

charles.j, Nov 15, 8:07am
Just use apache + ubuntu

olack, Nov 15, 9:13am
ubuntu = writing all the stuff you, = writing all the commands doesn't it?

olack, Nov 15, 9:15am
which wamp would woo wekommend dunedin_ree?

dunedin_ree, Nov 15, 9:16am
Whichever one Google tells you to use?

I use Macs for dev these days.

vtecintegra, Nov 15, 9:16am
What are you on?

Anyway just use Apache, on Windows if you're lazy otherwise on *nix

olack, Nov 15, 9:25am
i will wav a wook at wifestealas suggestion because it is a wamp for wimps and i's a womp wimp

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