To how add text border in adobe indesign cs3 ?

chessman, Nov 15, 9:01am
i cannot work out how to add a border around text in indesign cs3, can do it in photoshop but just cant work out how to do it in a red background with white text, just wanting to add a black 1pixel border around the letters so they stand out a bit. have tried google but am only getting irrelivant info about creating font outlines which is completely diffrent and normally used when sending a file to a press for printing etc.. so to keep fonts intact.

statiq, Nov 15, 10:13pm
In the swatched panel - or the little colour squares at the bottom of your toolbox - you can add the outline colour - make sure the text is highlighted...Then open the stroke window (F10) to change the width of the outline! Good luck :)

chessman, Nov 16, 11:01am
thanks i'll give it a try

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