My Canon Pixma MP 130 printer has

macmar, Nov 16, 5:28am
the 'waste ink absorber' almost full message popping up all
the time.Apparently they do not replace them now - cheaper
to throw the printer out and buy a new one - any recommendations
for a new one please - I do a lot of printing for a Club so need
the cartridges as cheap as possible

mush13, Nov 16, 5:45am
Try this

Reset waste ink tank counter

- Disconnect printer from AC power

- Press and HOLD the POWER button, and
connect printer to AC power

macmar, Nov 16, 5:51am
Thank you - I will try that.

mush13, Nov 16, 6:02am
Or this, theres a few of these fixes floating round the net....

1) Enter SERVICE MODE By pressing Menu-Scan-Copy-Scan
2) Enter NVRAM by pressing OK
4)Enter ABS-M LEVEL by pressing <--- or ---> then OK

If the error message is "" bottom ink waste absorber almost full"
Set "ABS-P" level to 0. Then "OK" and "STOP/RESET"

macmar, Nov 16, 6:06am
OK - I tried the first way - the message kept on coming up - will try the next way, thank you.

macmar, Nov 16, 6:28am
Phew - tried the second way.And hey presto there is no
pop-up message now - do you think that has fixed the problem?
Awesome if it has because I have about 7-8 spare cartridges!
Thank you so much mush13.

jeremy_74, Nov 16, 6:34am
The 'waste ink absorber' is basically a sponge that soak's up ink everytime the printer does a self clean.

There is a counter built into the printer that count's the number of times the printer has performed a clean, which when it reaches a preset amount your pc will display the message.

You can reset it like you have and as long as the sponge isn't too full it wont leak ink out everywhere ;)

(edit) typo

macmar, Nov 16, 6:36am
Wow - that's great - thanks again.I hope it will keep going for
a while anyway.

jeremy_74, Nov 16, 6:38am
It's normally quite easy to rinse out the sponge of ink if you know how to open the casing, but very messy lol

macmar, Nov 16, 6:40am
I'll just keep my fingers crossed for now anyway!

kuaka, Nov 16, 8:46am
so to avoid this should we just keep the printer switched on all the time (I mean, if the problem occurs because it does something every time it is started up, if it was going all the time, it wouldn't need to be started up - would it?)

cherrolet, Nov 16, 9:45am
Doesn't make a different.Well with my Pixma MP800 it doesn't, Unless there's a power failure that turns it off.
It always does it before it prints, unless I'm doing a printing session with only a few minutes in between each one.

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