Probs with Thunderbird email client (new user)

missy_chester, Nov 17, 8:49am
I downloaded Thunderbird for a friend (Vista & using broadband) and it comes back with an error when he tries to send/receive mail. saying something about broadband not connected and/or 'computer not responding' at their end. I checked all of the settings (copied them off his Outlook connections) & they seem OK.
Put thunderbird on the computer for him as his free 60 days of Office are over & Outlook isn't fully functional anymore.
The only thing I can think of that could be a problem is maybe the port isn't the same? Its 110

It's a bit strange since he told me that he's even had the same problem with Outlook at times (saying broadband isn't connected when it is) so....the problem may not be Thunderbird at all.

0800xford, Nov 17, 9:01am
if you copied erroneous settings it could easily be the same fault persisting.

who is their ISP?

0800xford, Nov 17, 9:05am

cool 'chart' bookmarked for later

missy_chester, Nov 17, 9:37am
Thanks 0800. That link wouldn't work for me *shrug*His Outlook was working 95% of the time. He just got that error occassionaly. But yeh, might not be thunderbird at all. (incidently, the outlook settings worked fine when he had dial up) He's just changed from Xtra dialup to Clear Broadband. Will see if its any better tomorrow.

missy_chester, Nov 17, 9:39am
Incidently - it was me who set up Outlook in the first place (when he had dial up and when it was problem free) so I was confident about copying the settingslol

0800xford, Nov 17, 9:51am
that link does work...

seen this?

soodanim, Nov 17, 11:04am
if they have changed ISPs the settings will not be the same.....go to their new ISPs website and get the correct settings.

missy_chester, Nov 17, 9:44pm
Thanks soodanim & 0800 (last link worked) but I wasn't meaning the basic settings.They're fine (yes, the same as the last link you gave, yes I changed the settings from Xtra to clear) I just wondered if maybe the port was different (as it is when setting up gmail to an email client) but I doubt it.(was grasping straws)Will try that first link again.
The thing is...of course he's always connected to broadband..but when I try the send/receive on thunderbird it tries to connect & comes back with: remote computer did not respond

0800xford, Nov 17, 9:50pm
have you googled "remote computer did not respond" ?

missy_chester, Nov 17, 10:15pm
Your first link worked fine for me today. Yesterday I kept getting page unavailable *shrug* Great site thx. That error has to be a false error......I dont understand why it would even try to connect when the computer is always connected anyway...... I'll shutdown outlook. Can you uninstall a trial office? And start all over again.

0800xford, Nov 17, 10:21pm
you removed the dialup modem from the computer?

missy_chester, Nov 17, 10:29pm
New computer - he never used dialup with it (prob doesn't even have a dial up modem) . And it (outlook) was working fine most of the time.Will run malwarebytes (he seldom remembers) just on the off chance.....

missy_chester, Nov 17, 10:42pm
Ha ha ha You got me there....I'm even confusing myself!! He was using three computers. Old PC with xtra dial up, work computer (wireless at work), then he bought new laptop for home & switched from dial up to broadband. From memory I don't think he ever used the new computer on dial up. But, since he's totaly computer illiterate, I am the one who sorts all of his settings out. I've had to do so many things to so many computers I don't know whether I'm arthur or Martha!!!

0800xford, Nov 17, 10:52pm

rhys.m, Nov 17, 10:59pm
Is he using his XTRA email address on Clear Broadband? If so don't you have to use SSL?

missy_chester, Nov 17, 10:59pm
I'm not as young as I used to be..........actually his new laptop must have a dialup modem...because he was waiting nearly two weeks for the broadband modem to arrive. anywho........will empty the bucket on the coffee table thats under the drip in the ceiling (in his house) and get some fresh air to clear my head. (yeah,would you 'waste' your money on a leaking roof when you can use it for a new computer and other luxuries in life -rhetorical) and get something to eat.
Thanks for your help 0800

0800xford, Nov 17, 11:02pm
mmm good, food, do it

smyrnia, Nov 17, 11:47pm
Have you allowed Tbird access to the net through the firewall ??
Have seen that message when that hasn't been done.

missy_chester, Nov 18, 12:04am
Good point smyrnia, thx will check it out.....

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