Free WIFI access for whole town

dino7, Nov 18, 3:47am .........not in NZ but who knows in the future when we catch up:)

badcam, Nov 18, 3:56am
Shall I putdampener on it...? Yeah!

Makes me want to cry. Sniff.

babcorp, Nov 18, 3:56am
hmmmmmm....... not a bad idea

0800xford, Nov 18, 3:57am
that's awesome, in town you get 20 mins for free via meraki
someone i know was in new york recently and they have these giant sunflowers and you get free wifi
a big chunk of the cbd has wifi coverage, not free though

edit: ha ha!! @ "spokeslizard"

badcam, Nov 18, 3:59am
Mesh networking's certainly the future.

woogmo, Nov 18, 4:01am

babcorp, Nov 18, 4:05am
Down side is it will kill internet cafe bussiness's.

tessal, Nov 18, 4:05am
yep, MESH networking is murdering it up down here in Tauranga for the semi-rural folk. EOL is the provider...been around for years.
That kind of idea would send theyre business to the grave instantly,if some whizz pushed the idea down here...anywhere for that matter.

jaja6, Nov 18, 4:14am
Free wifi is available via Ak city libraries.

mrsdoobercoons, Nov 18, 5:04am
Lawrence has had this for a while.The area covered is pretty small but the figures they quote in the link are interesting.

tessal, Nov 18, 5:25am
good post,and a good read also. cheers

dino7, Nov 18, 6:31am
in my rural area we have a rural wireless network, set up with a grant of 40k so hardware subsidised, each place runs from line of site Aerials on a Linux box to an Ethernet cable, then do what you want - switch or wireless router, speed is .5mb up and down unless you want 10mb and pay saying all this is not free (but cheapish) and i am now on wired since an exchange upgrade.
In fact this has nothing to do with free wireless in towns by mesh networking:P

badcam, Nov 18, 10:16am
What a great link. Inspirational.

ross1970, Nov 18, 10:33am
We have that in Cromwell too. Just started recently, free wifi in the main shopping center. Followed Lawerenes lead...

0800xford, Nov 18, 11:00am
i'm using wifi right now, it's o-sum

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