Best Multifunction Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fa-x

phillip.weston, Nov 18, 2:32am
Hey guys, am needing a multifunction Printer, Scanner, Copier and Fax machine, am looking to spend sun $300 but will spend more if it's really decent, ie a Laser printer. I've been looking at DSE's website and there's a few there, but none seem to stand out to me - is there any recommended one in terms of cost of consumables, life span, ease of use etc? I have bought HP products in the past, but Brother seems to have a good name for themselves these days. Thanks for any input!

phillip.weston, Nov 18, 2:35am
Oh yeah, are there any out there in my price range with WiFi/bluetooth connectivity? Thanks

deodar, Nov 18, 2:50am
# the Stationery Warehouse site.Can't recommend what I don't use.

phillip.weston, Nov 18, 4:32am
I ended up buying the Epsom TX600FW for $249 which I thought was good.

gyrogearloose, Nov 18, 4:34am
I'd buy a Canon MP980, but this iP3000 won't die.
Edit: oops, too late

cherrolet, Nov 18, 4:44am
Yeah, I would of said any Canon ones, but too late.Never will touch Epsom, so good luck with it :-)

phillip.weston, Nov 18, 5:16am
Haha oops.. oh well time will tell how it goes. I chose it mainly because the consumable cost was cheap compared to the others, and it had individual colour cartridges and it had WiFi too. Seemed to be the best bang for buck.

nzmu, Nov 18, 10:57am
Check out the HP6500 multifunction, or wait a while, Brother are releasing a laser version soon that I believe will be under a thousand.

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