1GB SYNC RAM! :O Never seen this before

4xfaster, Nov 19, 9:56pm
On his behalf :)

crtnz_ltd, Nov 19, 11:36pm
Thanks :) I was just like 1GB :O dayyyyumm

swivel, Nov 20, 1:24am
LOL. I've got 4 of them here.

tessal, Nov 20, 2:26am
hehe nice.

crtnz_ltd, hey buddy..i made a purchase off yah for x4 256 sd ram sticks off yah a month or so back,anyway one of the sticks was correctly marked on the sticker as 256..once seated in the machine its actually a 128mb stick. no biggie just thought i'd bring it to your attention..

And sorry for hijacking your thread 4xfaster, i figured if crtnz_ltd was still active in here, it would save me sending a email to a very busy man.

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