when I go to download Adobe reader,when I press download everything freezers and I have to go to c.a.d to end the program.Can anyone shed any light on this.I have tried many times with the download button on many sites,but always winds up the same.

geek_zorrodog, Nov 20, 9:03 am

That could be your firewall, amongst other things. Disable your firewall and then try it.

geek_gyrogearloose, Nov 20, 9:53 am

I recommend against it:
1. It is a large and bloated program.
2. It frequently is vulnerable to malware exploits.
For Windows 2000, get the free version of Foxit PDF Reader.
For Windows XP, get the free version of Sumatra PDF Reader.
[ is a good place to look for stuff like this]

geek_r.g.nixon, Nov 20, 11:14 am

so any download from any site freezes your web browser or your computer?

adobe reader is a hideous pig of a program
foxit, sumatra or even abiword are better

geek_0800xford, Nov 20, 12:23 pm

Abiword? For PDF files?

geek_r.g.nixon, Nov 20, 1:04 pm

correct, it can read pdf files

geek_0800xford, Nov 20, 1:05 pm