Does a mint condition Motorola sky decoder

...have any resale value to anyone?

*Short story* Moved towns 18 months ago, had sky disconnected, completely forgot in all the confusion of moving etc to take the decoder box in. Found out tonight while applying for a loan that Baycorp are after my blood LMAO. $286.82!!

Have checked the shed and there it is still packed in a 'shifting box'. Hopefully ill just be able to hand the box back in and get most, if not all of the debt wiped - but if not, fk 'em ill pay the debt and offset the damage by selling it to someone who needs it for the holiday home or bach etc.

geek_pierced1, Nov 19, 11:37 pm

Well since you have posted all your deatils here and can be contacted through your car auction - Baycorp or Sky will be in touch soon.

geek_rod525, Nov 20, 8:10 am

plus it needs a new smart card. does the old one still work?

they will wonder how the new person got the decoder but not the smart card.

you can clone smart cards ;P

geek_seriouslycgi, Nov 20, 9:43 am

Meh i already contacted baycorp...


OK... for anyone interested(or happen into similar circumstances)
- Rang Baycorp - they are useless, rude asses.(i think the
language barrier may have been an issue!)
- Rang Sky - they werent much better - guy bleating on about how its all overdue subscriptions etc etc - then he gave me a number for Media Collections 0800278228 and asked me to ring them.
- Rang Media - awesome to deal with! finally someone could give me the break down of what was owed and why.

$175 for non return of decoder and $111.81 for unpaid subscriptions(unsure of why the unpaid subs - am in the middle of sorting that now lol)

But good news the decoder CAN be returned and a credit of $175 go against the debt.

geek_pierced1, Nov 20, 9:57 am

I paid off my account before moving house and thought that was the end of it but on Boxing Day I received a call from an unknown caller/mobile number asking me for my address so that they could come and collect my decoder. He was quite adamant that he was going to visit. I don't know about you but I don't make a habit of giving out my address to unknowns, I don't know why he was calling over the holidays either so I asked him to get Sky to contact me to confirm he was one of their contractors. I received a text today asking me to call a freephone number about my Sky account. I called up and it wasn't Sky but Media Collections so I hung up and called Sky. Long and short of it they are coming to collect but they reported me to a collection company for not returning the damn thing!

I owed them no money and when I closed the account there was no mention or request to return it, its just on a shelf collecting dust in the garage. Dicks!

geek_hateskytv!, Jan 7, 11:08 am