Printer Problems

vixen09, Nov 19, 4:35am
Where can I download the software to make my printer work as it is not installed on this computer and I have lost the disc...
It is a HP Deskjet F4280 All-in-one

Thanks in advance

spyware, Nov 19, 4:36am
HP website maybe, just a wild guess. I'll go back to sleep.

vixen09, Nov 19, 4:37am
haha I've tried but couldn't find anything maybe I just not looking hard enough

gyrogearloose, Nov 19, 4:47am
Did you get to here:

babcorp, Nov 19, 4:50am

drcspy, Nov 19, 5:03am
maybe since you couldn't figure out that HP should have software available for their HP printers from their HP website - maybe you could look online to download some more brain cells while you're at it. ....try for more info


biggal, Nov 19, 7:10am
drcspy, you have a talent for being offensive. Does it take a lot of practice or did it come naturally to you. I guess the latter

gyrogearloose, Nov 19, 7:33am
Don't you mean 'practise'?

biggal, Nov 19, 9:02am
I wasn't sure but took a gamble. Sometimes you win, sometimes................ . You learn things about people ever day e.g.
I didn't use to see you as pedantic.

casey46, Nov 19, 9:56am
You were correct biggal

gyrogearloose, Nov 19, 7:09pm
Sorry, I was just being cheeky and making a pedantic comment in the absence of a reply by the man himself.

drcspy, Nov 19, 7:16pm
natural talent agumented by some tertiary courses I did to improve the skill

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