Buying a good laptop..For Gaming.

jasper77, May 22, 10:29am
Buying a good laptop..For Gaming. For under $2000.00 .. Which brand or model do you recommend??? I would like to play games like Crysis. . Or other new pc games...

kylestyle, May 22, 10:34am
There are none. Crysis? forget about it, no laptop in the world would play that game acceptably. That's why the good lord gave us Desktops and video card upgrades with actual PCI-E slots!!!

jasper77, May 22, 10:36am
Ok then What is the Best laptop i can get for under $2000-00 ????

morrisman1, May 22, 10:54am
So you want to use it for gaming? the dell xps m1330 laptops are quite alright for the price. i'd convince you to get a macbook but it sounds like you want to do some gaming - which the macbook isnt suitable for. it does have a damn good cpu in it though

jessee1, May 22, 11:10am
Lol Honestly desktops would be better in long run.

madazu, May 22, 12:34pm
There are now laptops built specifically for gaming, there are even SLI graphics laptops now, but the budget for this kind of rather insane toy is alot more than $2,000, and because of the huge markup here in N.Z. none are being offered here (as far as I know). $2,000 will get you a fairly evil desktop with all the bells and whistles and it will be upgradeable, your laptop will not be, so when the next big must have thing comes out, you will have to buy a whole new laptop.....

osymandias, May 22, 12:56pm
For that money, you can almost get a second hand macbook pro, you can dual boot xp for gaming on it. The big plus it will have proper GDDR3 RAM. Look at this auction 156342195 It has the excellent T7600 C2D (as oppossed to the el cheapo 2xxx 5xxx series you find on most laptops in that price range). It has an X1600XT CPU with 256MB GDDR3. The fast CPU will pick up a bit of the slack - it will be OK for light - moderate gaming. I tried crysis on one with 4GB RAM - it was acceptable on medium settings. But, yeah, even the purpose built gaming laptops underperform and have crap battery life + you need a forklift to lug them. If you want to game hardcore - you need a desktop or console. IMHO

maccas77, May 22, 5:52pm
.MSI gaming notebooks are the best bang for the buck, they have good reviews, only problem is hardly anyone stocks them in NZ.

mone, May 22, 5:58pm
Considering laptops are more expensive than desktops of equivalent capacity, and that deskptops are easier for upgrades/installations, you should only go for laptop as a last result.

mone, May 22, 5:58pm
*last resort .

madwok13, May 22, 7:06pm
Speaking as a gaming laptop owner there are some awesome ones around, and I have an awful lot of fun with mine. Graphics driver updates have boosted its performance by an incredible amount and DirectX10 gives brilliant picture quality on a high - res screen. BUT as others have said, it's an expensive toy. It DOES have a separate internal daughterboard which means it IS fully upgradeable and also has SLI but small / lightweight it ain't. Give you a clue, the computers name is "Brick Shithouse" and it weighs a TON. Battery life is pretty good but NOT for gaming. But it suits me just fine and I accept those drawbacks. I doubt that you would. Go for a desktop, you'll get much better value and 'way cheaper too.

osymandias, May 23, 12:04am
Ooops my bad in my post 7 "It has an X1600XT CPU with 256MB GDDR3" should be "X1600XT GPU" not CPU. When oh, when, will TM get a decent forum where one can edit the posts....

soodanim, May 23, 12:07am
Never"When oh, when, will TM get a decent forum where one can edit the posts"

jwgtn, May 23, 12:42am
Have a look at the Dell 1530.

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