Cant access router, but internet works

nzoomed, Nov 20, 4:14am
got a mates laptop here that they have just got a broadband connection needing setup.

They were on the phone for hours to orcon, and had no luck getting into the router to set up the connection.
i connected my router to the laptop and i cant access mine either, but you can ping both routers fine, and the internet is working fine on the laptop through my router even though i cant access it in the browser.

Ive tried doing netsh winsock reset, using the winsock fix tool, and ran combo fix to check for malware corrupted entries etc, any idea what it could be? has me stumped. im on this laptop right now. lol

jess531, Nov 20, 4:16am
Are you connecting wirelessly? most routers by default only allow access to physically connected machines.

nzoomed, Nov 20, 4:17am
no its not connected wireless, just the ethernet cable

tessal, Nov 20, 4:20am
what OS are we dealing with here zoom?

nzoomed, Nov 20, 4:22am
xp home

tessal, Nov 20, 4:26am
hows the state of his laptop looking,running wise? does it look like its got a ton of crap installed .. does it have in the right-hand corner 10+ statup items? disabled firewall for test purposes ( all firewalls ) ? have you run malwarebytes or an AV scanner on it?..

soodanim, Nov 20, 4:26am
Are you sure you are using the right address? What actually happens when you try to "login"?

tessal, Nov 20, 4:27am
also check msconfig for crazy a$$ startup items,and kill em..

tessal, Nov 20, 4:29am
yeah i agree, some not all routers have a crazy default setting of ( thomson ) most use and then there is

tessal, Nov 20, 4:32am
you have his router there with you now yes? what breed is it..

tessal, Nov 20, 4:33am
post the ipconfig /all output if you can.

nzoomed, Nov 20, 4:58am
dont worry its working now
did a driver update seems to work OK now lol

rich_mild, Nov 20, 5:36am
Driver update? Interesting. What driver was that nzoomed?

nzoomed, Nov 20, 6:32am
just for the realtek 8139 onboard lan

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