mIRC: Internet Relay Chat

MIRC: Internet Relay Chat I want to get into chat rooms again and this one has been suggested. Is it any good and, does it have a high concerntration of New Zealanders?

If this thread would be better off in General please let me know and, I'll start another one there.

geek_shula2, May 23, 12:21 pm

ReGo get the program from mirc.org.uk ( i think the web addy is) then select the undernet set of servers.There is a set of rooms in there.Type at the bottom /join #newzealand or /join #nz

geek_peepme, May 23, 1:10 pm

MIRC is a program that allows you to connect to IRC servers, there are hundreds and thousands of different ones to connect to. You can use somewhere like http://irc.netsplit.de to search for specific "channels" to chat on.

geek_rhys.m, May 23, 1:13 pm

MIRC is an IRC client in other words it is the software app that enables you to use IRC, like IE or Firefox allow you to use the World Wide Web. There are many different IRC networks out there, but Austnet has chatrooms that have quite a few kiwi's in them and I have my own chatroom on p2pnetwork called kiwilair. It is just a matter of what your interests are though .

geek_madazu, May 23, 1:15 pm

WOW! Cheers. I never knew that. I gathered it was the new MSN. Will look into it further and, welcome any more info anyone has to offer. Out of curiosity, do any of you guys/gals use chat rooms and have a favourite?

geek_shula2, May 23, 1:36 pm

Hey shula2 - more information...how long have you got? I started on IRC about 1996 and have always preferred the IRC client (program) called pIRCh rather than mIRC [note how these two clients have IRC in their names]. mIRC is far the more popular but you will get Pay Me some money Nag screens - you can use the program non-the-less. I have also always stuck to the UNDERNET which was/is the largest network out there. In it's heyday, there were up to 70 servers on the Undernet around the world and as many as 200,000 people connected using up to 20,000 'rooms' at any one time. Back in 1996/97 this was impressive. .more....

geek_sighkick, May 23, 3:18 pm

Hey shula2 - more information...how long Check out http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/networks/ for more information. Many of the IRC networks suggested only have one or two 'servers' and I would suggest starting out with the Undernet [mIRC will come pre-configured with all the latest Networks]. If you do go onto the Undernet remember that anyone can start a #room but only those #rooms with an X in the user list are registered with the Undernet. My room or channel is #Funtrivia where I run a trivia game. It was registered from June 2002 until Nov 2007 - I lost the registration status from lack of attendance in my own room :(

geek_sighkick, May 23, 3:18 pm

Also check out#newbies #pub #auckland #newzealand etc etc. Some commands to type in the status line when you join say the Undernet is /join #funtrivia .. this will take you to that room. Some rooms seem to be filled with drongo's who say nothingjust type /part to leave the room or /quit to quit altogether. IRC was the social networking of it's time because it was 'live' and people could add content to their words by playing music, voice and ascii art to enhance the mood. It was 'real' in those days but has now turned into something that can be unsavoury.

geek_sighkick, May 23, 3:28 pm

Cky slaps sighkick around a bit with a large trout :)

geek_cky, May 23, 4:27 pm

Madazu a large trout around with sighkick :P

geek_madazu, May 23, 4:57 pm

A fun trivia site with zillions of questions :-) http://www.trivia.net.nz/irc.html - this will show how to get there :-) It is my partners site.

geek_talka, May 23, 4:59 pm

No *#$^@#! edit function madazu 'slaps' a large trout around with sighkick ........

geek_madazu, May 23, 5:05 pm

Lol oh the fun times we had must return

geek_flewy, May 23, 8:15 pm

Sighkick Too much information lol...

Will reply in proper tomorrow, as I don't have the time to now.

geek_shula2, May 26, 4:00 pm

No worries shula2 There are many of us that had a wonderful time in/on IRC back in it's hey-day. If you do download mIRC [as suggested] do log on to the Undernet and join #newbies - they 'should' help you out and explain how to make it all 'work'. Talk about Second Life, I have been to Online 'Weddings', had a special Online romance and 'played' around in a BDSM #channel [#room] with one special girlaahhh...memories :-)

geek_sighkick, May 26, 4:32 pm

And you can share files with other users

geek_seriouslycgi, May 26, 4:44 pm

Pirch me preferred pirch - good old chat days those - mars^

geek_andiea, May 26, 8:52 pm

Sighkick and others Thanks for all that info but, for a relative novice as far as Chat Room stuff goes, it was all a little confusing. You know, tech speak etcFrom what I can gather, all I have to do is go to my preferred Net Cafe -as I don't own a computer- and click on the mIRC Icon, which all the computers have there have, and pay the one off $20.00 fee. Then, find the right Country/Location and, Room for me. Does that sound right?

geek_shula2, May 27, 12:25 pm

If you're using mIRC at an internet cafe, you do not pay the $20 one off fee. That is the registration fee that the internet cafe should have paid in order to use mIRC software on their machines. You should purely pay the normal hourly rate for using one of their computers no matter which programme/s you choose to use.

geek_kotrab, May 27, 12:29 pm

LOL - We have been helping shula2 Who has been asking about IRC [a program that runs on a computer] within the TM Message Board [you need a computer to access this board] and in a Computing area to boot. Who would have even thought to have asked - "Do you own a Computer?!"

geek_sighkick, May 27, 6:14 pm

I frequently use -for free-computers at my local Library. Although, they are very limited in what they offer. Otherwise, I make good use of Net Cafes...

geek_shula2, May 28, 12:35 pm

Cheers kotrab.

geek_shula2, May 28, 12:36 pm

Bump! Will post sometime soon

geek_shula2, Jun 4, 12:06 pm

Austnet #trademeswaps thats prettyy kewl;)

geek_killer34, Jun 7, 10:51 am

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