Iphone 3G Case - Best one to buy?

hialea, Nov 23, 12:42am
I have recently got myself a Iphone 3G and think i should get a case for it. What case do you have? Is it good? There are many on here to choose from and in the shops (I want to buy off here as cheaper) and i was wondering what is the best? Cheers.

merrigj, Nov 23, 1:08am
I have a soft silicone case.I think it is good as it stops your phone from slipping on smooth surfaces.To stop scratches etc get a screen guard and ensure you never have it in a pocket with keys, coins etc.Enjoy the phone they are the best!!

hialea, Nov 23, 1:38am
Thanks for your feedback, I am waiting for it to come. I got it on order...

fatkat, Nov 23, 1:59am
i have a iskin solo on my iphone. no complaints here

malachiman, Nov 23, 2:00am
I brought a case for my 3G, but then I hated the bulk so brought invisa shield or what ever it was called, ended up going yellow, so peeled it off, now I use nothing! screen does not scratch and I have the white 3G, and it still looks mint!

pyro_sniper2002, Nov 23, 5:16am

Don't have one my self, but have herd good things about these.

dunedin_ree, Nov 23, 5:29am
I've had various silicon (crap like lint sticks to it) and hard plastic (feels bulky and scratches anyway) cases and I've ended up dealing with the fact that the plastic will scratch and having a clear sticky cover on the front only.I prefer the matte one - you can't see swipe marks.

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