Brother DCP 110C printer

lionel21, Nov 24, 10:00pm
LCD display showing unable to print. I have done all instruction in the user guide. It appears that the print head is locked and unmoveable on the right hand side of the traveller. can anybody help me thanks lionel

gyrogearloose, Nov 24, 10:10pm
Turn off the power, unplug the cables, take it out into the sun or well-lit area and look closely for anything jammed like pieces of paper or fluff. Shake it upside down, try and move the head back and forth with fingers.
Take it back inside, cable it up, pay attention: Lift the flap where the cartridges are, AND THEN TURN THE POWER ON. The ink cartridges should come to the middle. If not, I say it's probably due for replacement. If they do come to the middle, remove the ink cartridges, and then reseat them and see if it works.

lionel21, Nov 25, 2:34am
Thanks I tried your sugestion but to no avail lionel

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