Printer error message - end service???

spot20, Nov 24, 7:31pm
my epson c45 printer is showing this message and wont print - do I have to get a new one or can I unblock it somehow??? Thanks

gyrogearloose, Nov 24, 7:32pm
Have you cycled the power switch on the printer, and rebooted the computer it's connected to?

spot20, Nov 24, 7:34pm
Ummm no - do you mean just turn it off at the wall and turn back on??

gyrogearloose, Nov 24, 7:38pm
Yes (printer), and reboot the attached computer.

If that doesn't fix it, download and run one or both of these programs which claim to reset the printer service mode. They may be the same program, I haven't tried them personally, but they claim to fix stuff:

spot20, Nov 24, 7:52pm
Thanks so much for that - I shall give it a go! Dont really want to buy a new printer at the moment!!

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