Xnet's slow torrents

ferita, Nov 23, 5:17pm
of course they throttle torrents

baker-assoc, Nov 23, 8:39pm
your on xfail explains it all

cybertao, Nov 23, 8:41pm
What make and model is your modem?

johnf_456, Nov 24, 12:37am
Sure does explain it

highbabe, Nov 24, 12:41am
Yup we've been having trouble and we're on their torrent plan.

cybertao, Nov 24, 12:52am
I was on there torrent plan when I first joined; it blows.Browsing and online game connections would turn into a pumpkin after midnight.Their standard plan works sweet as though, no issues apart from the couple of outages they have had in the past few months.

qazzy03, Nov 24, 12:57am
Have you gotten your ports working correctly as well? But yeah i have found my web surfing speeds slow of late.

mazdasix, Nov 24, 1:53am
I'm on xnet. 500kbps average torrent speed.

jamie-b, Nov 24, 7:17am
im with xnet and i get 8mbps average and i get 10mps in the early morning from 1am - 8am.

cybertao, Nov 24, 7:19am
Actual download speed?Or are you talking about speedtest results?

jamie-b, Nov 24, 7:27am
yes actual down speed and my upload speed is about 1-4mbps and im looking at getting a few seed boxes to boost m speeds up even more.

jamie-b, Nov 24, 7:30am
i also use private torrent sites i guess that boosts my speeds up as well cause no little kiddies will be grabbing it and running etc.

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