fraseroz1, Nov 20, 6:12am
The question being is there someone here that has it and what sort of speed are you getting?

jdncomz, Nov 20, 6:14am

fraseroz1, Nov 20, 6:18am
I know that but am wanting comparison for max speed.I just signed up to it but not as fast as I calculated it to be.Need attenuation of there line as well

fraseroz1, Nov 20, 8:30am
just a little bump

fraseroz1, Nov 22, 1:12am
And another

fraseroz1, Nov 23, 9:05am
Keep hoping there is someone around that is in the area

soodanim, Nov 23, 9:27pm
Speed depends on so many factors, so comparing it with what someone else is getting isn't going to help you much.

What are speeds are you getting?

fraseroz1, Nov 24, 4:40am
Hi there Soodanim.Meant to be on ADSL2+ according to provider.Modem Dynalink RTA1025W is showing as connected to adsl2.Seem to be averaging on 6Mbps.Speed not too bad but would have thought I would have got faster.Line attenuation is 28.0dB

brettsti, Nov 24, 4:46am
well we are just over the hill , Epsom south, just did a speed test.
148599kb/s down 928 up ping 42ms

brettsti, Nov 24, 4:53am
just did another few tests, as the above seems a bit odd.. its fast but not that sits around 13000 - 15000kb/s pretty consistantly

fraseroz1, Nov 24, 4:55am
Hey there BrettstiCan you tell me the attenuation on your modem?

brettsti, Nov 24, 4:59am
where does one find this... cant seem to see it in the modem status?

brettsti, Nov 24, 5:01am
ah found it ... down 23 up 10 db

brettsti, Nov 24, 5:02am
ADSL status shows the ADSL physical layer status.

ADSL Firmware Version: - - Annex A - 01.07.2b - 0.52
ADSL Software Version: V3.00B02.NZ.20060711
Line State Connected
Modulation ADSL_2plus
Annex Mode Annex A
Max Tx Power -38 dBm/Hz

SNR Margin
Line Attenuation
Data Rate

fraseroz1, Nov 24, 5:02am
Thanks for that.As before on 28 here.That sucks not much difference in Attenuation but you get more than twice the speed I get.How rude is that..

brettsti, Nov 24, 5:03am
very :)

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