Adobe Reader..................

ottoitis, Nov 26, 10:56am
update, got error message, googled error, follow instructions, and I ended up with this:'s the next step please? Value/s to be added?...thanks all.

hulloitsme, Nov 26, 11:03am
You mean people actually still use Adobe Reader??? lol

Try Foxit Reader.

ottoitis, Nov 27, 1:28am
I can't uninstall it because of error 1327. As seen in that link, do
I have to 'fill in' data(value) and what do I enter.......thanks.

0800xford, Nov 27, 1:44am
otto - get OUT of the registry mate <== is this what you tried?

0800xford, Nov 27, 1:46am
foxit is good [be cautious when installing it though]
sumatra is good and has no trickery when you install it

ottoitis, Nov 27, 1:47am
then how do i uninstall adobe, which is 212MB, and install Foxit.

ottoitis, Nov 27, 1:49am
0800xford(re4) yes. Been looking at it/thinking/, but no action yet. That top 'default', is that where I have to 'fill in'?

0800xford, Nov 27, 1:51am
maybe try revo uninstaller

i can't open that page but it mentions your error

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