What does it cost to setup a shopping website

psc01, Nov 26, 8:32pm
Do any of you computer literate people out there know what it would typically cost me to setup a website to sell stuff online (fishing gear). I have about 800 products on offer. Thanks

jancemord, Nov 26, 8:47pm
I could do it for between 1,400 - 1,700, its hard to know whats what due to what functions etc if any need to be created.

psc01, Nov 26, 8:50pm
I'm wanting a professional looking site that sells my products online as well as a gallery, a blog. I need to update the content myself (or my asistant). Basically a site like Topcatch. I bet they paid a small fortune for that though.

psc01, Nov 26, 8:51pm
Problem is who do I speak to. I have no referrals.

swivel, Nov 26, 9:20pm
I have a mate that does the likes.http://www.web-designz.co.nz/

jancemord, Nov 26, 9:29pm
it sucks not being able to self promote

ferita, Nov 27, 3:23am
The easiest way (but not cheapest way) would be to use webwidgets.co.nz

The cheapest way would be to get some hosting and use something like oscommerce or zencart and paypal

sighthound1, Nov 27, 4:45pm
If you want a "professional" site that includes an online shopping cart for 800 products, a blog, a gallery and a cms that you can update yourself, you are best advised to pay professionals to develop this for you. If you go cheapy and diy (assuming you are not a web developer) you will have a disaster that will need to redone from scratch again in a few months. Professionals will make sure it is secure, cross browser compatible, optimised for SEO and future proofed - as well as great design and functionality. You get what you pay for. That topcatch site isn't very good...you can easily get a better site than that :)

scoutess, Nov 27, 6:26pm
i am researching the same type of thing for tools.... lots of inventory but since just starting off dont want to spend heaps but want the site to be gorgeous etc

Looking at Wix and Yola.. its templates and all the bells and whistles. just takes time getting used to how the variables work

This is also to self edit and no html knowledge... just point and click jazz.

sighthound1, Nov 27, 7:52pm
My opinion is, that if you are running a business and cannot afford a quality website - then maybe you should rethink. A business with a self made site does not look professional. Scoutess - Wix is a flash template - I would not recommend flash templates for any business website. Your SEO will be awful.You can spot a diy site a mile away and they are also often not secure. If you are going to do something - do it properly. Just because you CAN get a site online, does not mean anything. There is so much more to business websites than just laying out pretty pages.

soodanim, Nov 27, 11:41pm
Look at Zen cart, it's got many features, easy to install, heaps of templates etc. It works well for new stores....Some hosts might even have it as a "free" install.

I usually use Oscommerce but just trying out Zen Cart, basically the same but Zen Cart is so easy to use

soodanim, Nov 27, 11:43pm
Been there done that and the friend came in and starting giving me shit for saying so, so look out...lol

Swivel I realise you are trying to help your "friend" but unless they upgrade there skills you aren't really doing yourself any favours recommending them.

malachiman, Nov 27, 11:53pm
Open a ticket to get hosting!!!!?!?!?

baker-assoc, Nov 28, 12:58am
No-ip.co.nzthey did my website :)

mcceltic, Nov 28, 1:46am
You could just go here for starters

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