My cd drive is not been registered on my Acer

lisha2, Nov 27, 3:20am
desktop computer.It was working before, could burn and rip and play cd's, now it doesn't even register it.I'm not sure what to do next.does anyone know thanks.

swivel, Nov 27, 3:36am
could be Dead, How old is it

deamo, Nov 27, 3:42am
good chance it's died.
I've encountered this looking at 3 or 4 other peoples Acer pc's. dvd drive just fails.

malachiman, Nov 27, 9:10am
it probably committed suicide when it discovered it was interfaced with an acer.

They are cheap and easy to replace though

0800xford, Nov 27, 9:10am
ha! i laughed aloud at that XD

johnf_456, Nov 27, 9:38am
True that, very nasty brand.

drcspy, Nov 27, 9:58am

footplate1, Nov 27, 8:08pm
My laptop one died last year and another make had to be adapted to replace it. Wasn't possible to obtain an actual reader.

mark.p, Nov 27, 9:24pm
Try the three finger salute ctrl-alt-del. Solves many Windows issues. Seriously reboot it. It may reappear.

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