sellboat, Nov 29, 5:19am
I installed windows XP Pro onto a system today and didnt bother setting an Administrtator name or password - now I can't load the drivers as the Administrator is not signed on - there is a fix for this, I just cant recall itanyone know? Thanks

charles.j, Nov 29, 5:24am
if the admin has no password the what is the problem?

the user name is "administrator" with no password

drcspy, Nov 29, 5:44am
did you set yourself up with a 'limited' user ?if so theres your problem...a 'standard' install does NOT need any kind of passwords on anything unless you WANT them.Theres NO need to setup an adimistrator password.

drcspy, Nov 29, 5:44am
please post the EXACT error you're getting not yoru interpretation of it

0800xford, Nov 29, 5:55am

sellboat, Nov 29, 6:00am
Yeah, sorry I worded the question incorrectly. I didnt set myself up as a "limited user", I just skipped the part which asked for am administrator name and password.

The error that shows is when I attempt to download drivers onto the system, the download starts, then gets to a stage where a popup message states "Please press yes to proceed with the update"I then press yes and then I get another message which reads "You must be logged on as an administrator to install this update. Update is cancelled (9999)." Thanks

sellboat, Nov 29, 6:01am
Yes oxford, but I would rather resolve it without doing so. Thanks

drcspy, Nov 29, 6:04am
dunno what you've done but thats exactly what I always do when installing you DONT need any administrator password.

drcspy, Nov 29, 6:05am
create a new user acct make sure it's got FULL privileges and try running an install from that one

0800xford, Nov 29, 6:17am
it's possibly easier to just start again and do it right rather than patch it up, it's a fresh install anyway so you have nothing to lose.
i'm not disagreeing with anyone, just saying it's an option.

sellboat, Nov 29, 6:57am
Thanks alla reinstall it is.

deodar, Nov 29, 6:59am
"start again and do it right "? Implying it wasn't 'done right' the first
time but will be on another install.Oxy in Wonderland......

deodar, Nov 29, 7:03am
There is no method,ifa blank appears fill it in with a word & remember it.& a name,you can remember your own name right?Or
else confer all privileges to your name/acc. FFS

vtecintegra, Nov 29, 7:06am
You admin account will (probably) be 'administrator' with a blank password.

jdncomz, Nov 29, 7:22am
restart the computer in safe mode and click on Administrator and change the limited account to a admin account.

vtecintegra, Nov 29, 7:26am
It is a good idea to run on a limited account where you can, but its not always very practical on older versions of Windows.

charles.j, Nov 29, 7:26am
as i said at the start.. probably no password lol....

jdncomz, Nov 29, 7:29am
they might be using the welcome screen if it is a clean install and won't have the rights to change it.

charles.j, Nov 29, 7:30am
safemode will pop it up...

or just use the backdoor

jdncomz, Nov 29, 7:32am
safemode is probaly easier

charles.j, Nov 29, 7:35am
I have come across it in xp where you can sometimes run a program as "another user"

little_egypt, Nov 29, 8:01am

they have an administrator account with no password, and a 'normal user' account .. by default XP hides the administrator account, all they need to do is boot into SAFEMODE so they can see the administrator login, log into it and make their normal user account into an admin one (Control panel, Users).. then reboot and all will be well.

Reinstall? WTH have you been smoking?

lostdude, Nov 29, 6:16pm
Yeah #15 got it.

drcspy, Nov 29, 8:00pm
THEY already claimed that their user acct was an admin acct (not a limited acct) .........they wanna do a reinstall FGS.It'd take far less time to make a new user acct as I've suggested to see if that would work.......I cant figure out what they might have done except theres some corruption in the user acct as iv'e done hundreds of xp installs and never had that problem.As I stated you DONT need to password the admin acct anyway and you should't have to use it either.

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