Xnet torrent plan

mr_sausage, May 23, 10:48am
Xnet torrent plan Just noticed this on their website. Im going to ring them tomorrow to find out more. But in the meantime does anyone know about it? Seems between midnight and 8am you get 75gig free per month, and through the day you pay $1.54gig dureing the day? Im on the river plan and use around 18GB per month, so if I downloaded at night, and only used the net for e-mails/surfing and say used 8GB a month during the day, would I only pay about $13 per month + $33.95,instead of around $55-$60 per month? sounds a bit to good to be true? So instead of 18GB a month I could dl 93GB for cheaper if I wanted to?

art4ukiwi, May 23, 11:07am
I'm on xnet too with river plan .I have to check into this to.. kewl

waipawa, May 23, 11:29am
It is x-net's solution to the peak time slowness that has been a problem for quite a while. They have just introduced this plan to lure the p2p heavy downloaders away from the primetime. It is not too good to be true - they have been saying they would be offering a financial incentive to ease the peak time congestion. This is it :-)

mattie47, May 23, 12:34pm
The question is, I wonder if they will be heavily monitoring the traffic that is done with this plan. Or at least eventually forced to monitor it more.

tammy19, May 23, 12:37pm
Yes you are correct You get charge $1.54 for each GB but during the night between 12-8am it is free.I am on the plan now

mairehau, May 23, 1:10pm
If only i wasnt stuck in this bloody contract with IhugAh well, couple more months to go till i get to go on this lol

krissie_baby, May 23, 2:42pm
Is anyone on fusion ? I might make the jump anyone liking fusion so far ?

fetish, May 23, 7:46pm
I'd be interested to see what others think of the new plans as well, those that are actually using them, what price it ends up at the end of a month, I'm usually fairly lite on dl's, but I do use torrents now and then, be interested to see if the price differs or not, and by how much.

peg228, May 23, 8:39pm
Fusion = FantasticAbsolutely superb. Compare it with Telecom's "Pro" plan - 15G capped broadband per month at $80 plus $45 for a homeline = $125 plus high toll ratesXnet Fusion - 15G (not capped) full speed up & down broadband per month for $85.31 INCLUDING PHONE! Plus 5c per minute for calls to almost anywhere in the world, free VoiceMail, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, 3 Way Calling, Call WaitingQuality every bit as good as a normal phone line. Suits me fine.

peg228, May 23, 8:58pm
And for more information about Fusion / Xnet than you really needsee the Geekzone forums here http://tinyurl.com/2oly6h

seriouslycgi, May 23, 10:01pm
Might want to wait a few days/weeks i switched to the torrent plan 2 days ago and it didnt kick in ( i think) till last night, my internet went out for a few hours without warning so i called them and they said it was going to need a port reset at the exchange, ever since yesterday i havent been able to conect to the exchange faster than 900kbits, i hope this is a coincidence and that there is a psychical problem at the exchange, i havent changed my network in any way so its not our problem. maybe just their way to screw people out of bandwidth?

qazzy03, May 24, 1:18am
On Fusion but i am sticking with the unlimited plan. Because we use the internet more in the day time and we don't do that much p2p stuff. lol

tammy30, May 24, 7:34am
Just changed to fusion yesterday still waiting on my own number to be transfered otherwise all good. but how come you are paying over $80? I am only meant to be paying $69.95 p/m.

seriouslycgi, May 24, 7:42am
The $85 includes comparison of 15gb (@$1/gb) to telecom 69.95 fusion includes no data its $1/gb or torrent plan = ~$1.50/gb + free from 12am-7am.

kylea_damien, May 24, 8:47am
Im with snap they had a similar plan not to long ago, but its from 7pm - 7am FS/FS unlimited and from 7am-7pm speeds are at 64k but its faster than this i feel.

nosnibor2, May 24, 9:45am
So kylea_damien What speeds are you getting on FS/FS ?

mattie47, May 25, 12:54am
Bumped for dalzone

northshorepx, May 25, 2:09am
Hmm just a thoughtif you do lots of downloading at night then surely thats when they'll switch on traffic shaping to determine download characteristics. Makes you a target I say for inspection. Especially if what they say (a few heavy downloaders clog the pipes).

art4ukiwi, May 25, 2:14am
I didn't see where the first 75 gig was free PER MONTH I think its the first 75 gig period

hatsuko, May 25, 2:56am
Its "First 75GB per month" http://www.xnet.co.nz/hsi/

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