Acer laptop any good

blackbnz, Nov 3, 2:36am
I need an new laptop urgently as mine has died!I know nothing I genreally use it for trademe,facebook,MYOB and surfing the net.Do you think this auction is a good buy?#328810796 .?TIA

blackbnz, Nov 3, 2:41am
thanks but why not?Has a 5yr warranty with it?Please help as I know nothing!

vtecintegra, Nov 3, 2:45am
After sales service generally isn't the best.

Reliability at the very low end of the market isn't much different between brands, HP/Compaq and Acer generally come out worst because the majority of their system are very cheap - no only are they lower quality they are also less likely to be looked after properly.

lostdude, Nov 3, 2:49am

blackbnz, Nov 3, 2:52am
thanks that is good to know.I rang smtihs city and they said Acer is a great brand!?

blackbnz, Nov 3, 2:53am
lostdude is that a good buy?Can I buy online?

gibler, Nov 3, 3:01am
and you believed them?

blackbnz, Nov 3, 3:06am
lol gibler yes have used smiths city a lot and they have always been really good with me so I trusted them with what they said!!Ok sounds naive but I know nothing!

blackbnz, Nov 3, 3:07am
What do you think the Acer would be worth then as I have made him an offer?

vtecintegra, Nov 3, 3:10am
About start price ($800)

drcspy, Nov 3, 3:15am
hahahahahah they sell them !

acer is the WORST brand

DON'T buy the bloody thing

buy an Asus they have a two year global warranty and they're the most reliable.........laptops are EXPENSIVE to repair:

wardz4, Nov 3, 3:53am
My new Acer had to go back for repairs after two weeks - bad sectors on hard drive. Hard drive had to be replaced. Then they sent me a customer satisfaction survey to fill in !

blackbnz, Nov 3, 3:56am
ok thanks all I think I will withdraw my offer!

malachiman, Nov 3, 4:51am
That is not an Acer issue, you cant accredit that to a brand other than the maker of the actual Hard Drive.And Hard Drives can fail even brand new ones.

On another note, Yeah Acer are not so well know for quality and reliability.

pipi66, Nov 3, 8:15am
I have an acer goes fine... Had it for 3 years took it in once to get ram upgraded and some viruses removed

pipi66, Nov 3, 8:16am
And I'm pretty sure the ram on that laptop is meant to be 3gb not 3mb because 3mb ram couldn't handle ATI Radeon 4250

builders_mate, Nov 6, 10:38am
The brand of laptop is one issue.Another - and possibly a deciding factor - is the compatability between the version of MYOB you have and the operating system installed.More details here -

mattnzw, Nov 6, 10:47am
If you get windows 7 pro or ultimate, I believe both come with XP compatibility mode via a VM, which should run most oldersoftware.

jp.r, Nov 6, 10:56am
That's still a pain in the butt though, if I needed to run something that needed XP, I'd stick with XP.

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