Cant upload through NetComm N3G005W 3G Router

jacqui248, Nov 3, 3:41am
so i was here a while ago and explained that i can not upload anything like pic s and vids to either trade me or facebook..

I have mobile xt broadband and was told that it is supposedly cos i cant get internet here.. BUT i can obviuosly.. anyway when i plug tstick driectly into computer it uploads fine but put it bac through the router it wont upload it makes out like its going to go but just wont finish

Same as on diorectly though the computer the test went fine, but bac through the router the test just dont finish....

SOO it must be the router do ya think... any ideas how to fix

drcspy, Nov 3, 3:58am
sounds like the routers a but sus

jacqui248, Nov 3, 4:26am
soo ANY IDEAShow to fix it??

drcspy, Nov 3, 4:29am
fix a router ?

nope.......test it on a different pc
if it does the same thing get a new one

jacqui248, Nov 3, 4:39am
surely its a setting or something?

drcspy, Nov 3, 5:04am
yeh well have you tried factory reset on the router ?

jacqui248, Nov 3, 5:16am
yes i have triedthat TWICE

jacqui248, Nov 3, 5:16am
am booting up old laptop at the moment to see if that has same problem

jacqui248, Nov 3, 6:31am
nope otehr laptop was exactly the same

guest, Apr 6, 5:23am
Same problem with mine.

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