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miss_vampy, Nov 3, 9:17am
Just switched to Telecom in the Otahuhu area. (Church St extension near Fairburn Rd area) We were a Orcon Wholesale customer but wanted faster speeds.

Now after the switch to Telecom we're still getting the same speeds 3-5mbps

Anyone in this area able to get anything higher?

swivel, Nov 3, 9:25am
What modem are you using, How does it connect to your PC (N/w cable or USB), How old is your modem, Are yougoing through an extention cord ??

miss_vampy, Nov 3, 9:47am
Used the Thomson one that was supplied by Telecom, but got slightly better speeds with the Orcon Home Hub (Siemens) connected so am using that one until the courier bag is sent for me to send the Orcon Home Hub back.

Connected via ethernet cable (used two different ones on both modems - the one that cam with the Thomson and the one that came with the Orcon Home Hub)

No extension cord (short already). Only one phone socket, tried with and without the filter, and with different filters.

Changed the (is it the line mode?) from G.DMT to ADSL2+ (only on the orcon home hub.. I couldn't find this option on the Thomson)

My attenuation is 29dBand noise margin 13.6dB (is that pretty high and accounting for my slow speeds?) I have no idea what they mean but always see people quoting them or asking for this information when asking these types of questions.

Wall of text, sorry. :-x

swivel, Nov 3, 9:55am
Well use the thomson (hope it's the wireless model), and go see what the up/down speed is.

Also go to for a speed from say Ch-Ch

miss_vampy, Nov 3, 10:14am
Thomson (it is a wireless model) 4.46Mbps/ .45Mbps to Christchurch

Orcon Home Hub 5.29Mbps/ .59Mbps to Christchurch

sunnynook1, Nov 3, 10:25am
6.95/.85 on orcon in the northshore here

jadakis94, Nov 3, 10:31am
11.98dl - 0.60ul I'm on Princes Street East oh and on a orcon

sunnynook1, Nov 3, 10:34am
wow that is impressive!

jadakis94, Nov 3, 10:36am
It gets better after midnight for some reason dont know why

miss_vampy, Nov 3, 10:44am
Is that on the Orcon+ Network? I'm jealous of your speeds. :( And we live within a couple of km's of each other ><

jadakis94, Nov 3, 10:55am
I dont think it is I maybe wrong i was getting speeds like that with vodafone so i turfed them

dude2099, Nov 3, 12:04pm
you wont get much of an increase from changing from Adsl suppliers, the only way you would get an increase is if you switched to telstraclear but of course is only posible if telstra is in your area

miss_vampy, Nov 3, 5:14pm
I know when we were with Orcon we were only getting ADSL1 because they didn't have their own EQ at our local exchange. (it's my understanding that we were Orcon Wholesale customers meaning we were attached to Telecom EQ but had lower priority because we got our service through Orcon instead of directly from Telecom - so hooked up to ADSL1 EQ @ the exchange)

Since we switched from Orcon to Telecom we're supposed to have been switched from the ADSL1 EQ to the ADSL2+ EQ

I called Telecom and spoke with a tier 2 support person who told me our connection to Telecom wasn't provisioned properly (we were allocated the wrong ports at the exchange is what I was told?) and they're hoping to fix it within 24hrs)

Not sure if he was telling the truth or if he was feeding me BS to get rid of me. I guess we'll see ><

dude2099, Nov 4, 12:54am
sounds like bullshit to be honest, if you weren't maxing out ur adsl1 speeds then getting adsl 2 wont make a difference itll pretty much be the same speeds. Its all about distance i recently moved house mustve been pretty close to the exchange and was getting 17mbit i moved 3KM away my connection dropped to 6mbit sucked hard and im paying the same so annoying

miss_vampy, Nov 4, 2:13am
You raise a good point here. :(

swivel, Nov 4, 2:58am
ADSL = 8Mb/s maxADSL2+ 24Mb/s max, So there is a differance

dude2099, Nov 4, 3:42am
:-P you missed out the beginning of my statement swivel "if you weren't maxing out ur" haha. I know ADSL2+ crushes Adsl if you can get close to an exchange after 3km adsl2+ = adsl, the only difference would end up being your upload speed

jadakis94, Nov 5, 5:11am
this is my speedtest result hope it works [URL=]-

jadakis94, Nov 6, 4:16am

gyrogearloose, Nov 6, 4:23am
If you were an Orcon Wholesale customer then my expectation is that you would have been connected to Telecom's equipment, and Orcon were purchasing the service at a wholesale rate and reselling it to you. If you changed to Telecom, they might not even have re-patched you. You're still on the same equipment, same exchange, I'd expect your speed to be the same.

Telecom are rolling out cabinets - if there is site work in your street, wait until it's finished - then jump up and down and demand to be repatched to the cabinet, it will be much quicker.

fatkat, Nov 6, 7:41pm

miss_vampy, Nov 9, 3:16am
We've had several techs come around and check things out at the exchange and at our house. We've gone from getting 3-5ish to getting 8-9ish downstream.

What gets me though is the Chorus tech come out to the exchange and then calls me to say there was an issue at the "Joint" that will involve them digging some holes in he ground to fix. Then the next day a tech came to the house saying it was our modems. (I wasn't at home and a non-tech savvy housemate had no idea what he was talking about) So the housemate calls me at work to relay what the tech told her. I call Telecom support to get clarification on where the issue actually lies; at the Joint or on our equipment (modems) and they say it was at the exchange.

There's some terrible communication going on somewhere?!

Least our speeds are better, though.

dude2099, Nov 9, 9:12pm
congrats on that, normally something like this would never get resolved with telecom

pkm66, Nov 12, 1:14am
Interesting. Mount Wellington (industrial area) my sync speeds about 1.1mbit down(!!) and 0.9mbit up youtube hardly works lol

Normally id be annoyed - I think of it as an encouragement not to blow our tiny cap each month:P

dude2099, Nov 12, 1:18am
pkm66 are filters on all your phones in your house because that's normally the speed cap without a filter, you don't need one on your modem just on each phone. try unplugging all your phones and restart your modem see if your speed increases, could be a faulty filter also

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