Can't install new Canon printer on Windows 7

rubyl, Nov 4, 8:29am
I hope somebody can help with some advice. I bought a new Canon Pixma MP272 multifunction printer today and it won't fully install on Windows 7. It installs all the components correctly except the navigator program. Without the navigator program nothing works!I downloaded a driver for that component for Windows 7 from the Canon support site but it still won't work. It doesn't seem to recognise the MP272 model at all. It will work for the MP 270 model apparently.Any ideas what I have done wrong?

rubyl, Nov 4, 8:47am
The installation CD that came in the box with the printer was for a Pixma MP270 but Canon said it should work with the Pixma272. It didn't!

charles.j, Nov 4, 8:51am
Not sure to be honest...I remember their scanners were a pain too

Anything on google? it's your best friend about now

rubyl, Nov 4, 8:52am
Hi charlesj. I have googled but found nothing useful. Might just have to take it back and hope I get a refund from Warehouse Stationery. No wonder it was reduced to half price!

charles.j, Nov 4, 8:56am
Cannon are normally quite good. It seems quite odd that it refuses to work :s

hakatere1, Nov 4, 8:59am

rubyl, Nov 4, 9:10am
I tried that download from the Canon site .. I made sure I downloaded the navigator exe file specificallyfor the MP272 but when I installed the program it wouldn't work on the MP272 ... just the MP270.

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