Need a cd for a brother 210 printer

crazycowe, Nov 6, 11:26pm
can any one help memy brother printer 215 has craped outa mate gave me a 210but need a cd to set it up on the pc or I cant do any prints or copies plz help

dunedin_ree, Nov 6, 11:31pm
Look on the Brother website.

d.snell, Nov 6, 11:33pm

mark.p, Nov 6, 11:37pm
What version of Windows are you using?

radiowaves, Nov 6, 11:40pm
Heard of the internet?

crazycowe, Nov 6, 11:40pm
xp I think

mark.p, Nov 6, 11:44pm

crazycowe, Nov 6, 11:46pm
thank you & mark.p

d.snell, Nov 6, 11:49pm
210 and 215 use the same driver, so you can use the CD you have for your 215..

drcspy, Nov 6, 11:59pm
you should also thank radiowaves because they're trying to teach you to help yourself......where do you think techs look for programs/drivers etc they dont have ?

mark.p, Nov 7, 12:29am
Us non-techs just do this

drcspy, Nov 7, 12:32am
*instant tech*????????

mark.p, Nov 7, 12:37am

crazycowe, Nov 7, 8:07am
ok thank you everyone. Didn't mean to affend anyone

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