EEE PC MB repair

gadgetman, Nov 7, 3:15am
I plugged in my EEE PC car power supply with wrong polarity. My own fault as I was replacing the DC connector on the end of the cable. I checked the polarity twice with my multimeter so it was supposed to be positive in the middle hole on the DC plug.
But to my horror I saw no power light but smoke. Someone had switched the plugs wrong way on the multimeter end :( I can only blame one person, me!

Anyway damage is done and I pulled the laptop apart to see what let the smoke out?
There is a component about 3mm long with signs of meltdown.
Possibly a diode? It has characters PJx5 on top row and SSx4 on bottom row stamped on the surface. The x characters are not x but unrecognisable characters because of the meltdown.
Can anyone tell me where to get that part so I can repair it. What else goes wrong when the power is wrong polarity.
The computer still works with battery but does no charge or power up with power supply.
HEELLPP PLease. I need to fix it anyone with faulty MB for EEEPC1000

gadgetman, Nov 7, 4:24am
Not many component level repair geeks here. I guess I need to change the whole motherboard when there is only one SMD component faulty?

twaymouth, Nov 7, 5:15am
It sounds like it was something other than a diode that has been damaged as a diode will just do nothing when power is applied in reverse. It could have been a fuse-able resistor which is designed to fail if to much current is drawn through it.

gadgetman, Nov 7, 9:15am
That sounds plausible, I could try to place a fuse across it if I was sure.
Need to do more research. If I had another faulty MB with different fault.

dude2099, Nov 7, 11:31am
If you could identify what that part is, jaycar could definitely help you. Take a photo of it if you can and post a link

d.snell, Nov 7, 10:03pm
It won't be a fuse or fusible link. They don't melt or smoke. It will more than likely be a resistor, a regulator chip or voltage dropping transistor. How long is a piece of string?

gadgetman, Nov 9, 4:18am
Thanks for your advice David, the length of a piece of string is usually about 4ft +/- 3ft

gadgetman, Apr 12, 10:37pm
It is a diode 14SS. Finding that surface mount chip diode has not been easy so I have a EEE PC as one of my favouritesearches. Anyone with a faulty 900 or 1000 series EEE PC motherboard?

wellyguynz, Apr 13, 12:37am
Is it under warrenty ? Act dumb and just say it stopped working you will be surprised

kiwicon, Apr 13, 12:48am
without reading the whole thing..
Sounds like you have blown a capacitor. they are only a few bucks in a electronics shop and can easily be soldered in by a home handyman

floydbloke, Apr 13, 2:48am
Can you find the specs of the SS14?

This might be a suitable alternative:

gary06, Apr 13, 3:30am
It's a Power management chip.I buy them off ebay for 55c each but I buy them 10 at a time.You are lucky If it still works on battery as they usually go open cct.On a rare occasion If I can't get one I bridge out the DC side from The SM bus so It only works on AC.

Good Luck Not an easy job make sure you use a soldering Iron With a termostatically controlled Nib.

gadgetman, Apr 14, 9:12pm
Thanks for that, I will order from them.
With that price I will order 5 of them just in case.

gadgetman, Apr 14, 9:16pm
It is a schottky diode.
Yes it works on battery so there is not that many components to change, hope it is just that diode.
I should be qualified enough to do the soldering job as I worked in electronics for about 20 years before coming to NZ.
Embarrassing to admit that I let the smoke out of my own computer.

mrfxit, Apr 14, 9:58pm
SOooo...... Sounds like your place can now be officially classed as a "smoking residence"
. ................. ............ ............. .
A few years ago, at my last house, it WAS... a non smoking residence, untill I had a crt catch fire on the work table ..... THAT sure let out a lot of smoke, but never bothered to find out why (something to do with the speed of removalfrom the house & over the deck railing)

gadgetman, Apr 17, 5:38am
Did you people know that electronic gadgets works with smoke?
If you let the smoke out, then that gadget does not work anymore.
Putting the smoke back into the gadget is tricky and not everybody has the skills to do it.

gadgetman, Jul 9, 12:22am
I still have it as I have been slack to find the 14 SS diode. They are not available at Jaycar or Dick Smith.

nzoomed, Jul 9, 1:14am
i see fusable resistors blow on laptops quite often, they can also be mistaken for schotty diode sometimes.

cjdnzl, Jul 9, 2:44am
Probably was a crowbar diode.Designed to make a short circuit if the wrong polarity is applied, to protect the equipment.If the power supply is fused - as it should be - it should blow the fuse in the PS.

drsr, Jul 9, 7:03am

gadgetman, Jul 30, 7:15am
Thanks for that, I ordered 5, total $1.67!
Hope it is only that diode.

gadgetman, Oct 11, 10:33pm
Replaced the diode but not only that what is faulty. So I give up as I can use my time more productively than try to fix this for hours without success. Sometimes you need to know when to give up. So selling it off on TM.
Gives me a good excuse to buy a new Android Pad :)

boots0016, Oct 12, 7:17am
Sounds abit like trying to fix a biro pen.

cosmintm, Apr 5, 4:19pm
There is another component that you should check, after the diode there should be a pnp transistor which regulates the current for the battery - should be labeled T06 -
You should find the + line at the transistor's collector.

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