Help! need a new printer, recommendations?

ree05, Nov 7, 7:52am
we need a reliable and not too expensive new printer for home use.
We don't print a high volume but need one that copies and prints.
Also one that doesn't have ink that costs a fortune or more than the printer costs.
Can anyone recommend a good one? we just don't know where to start!

kiwi_gnome, Nov 7, 8:13am
well i have two brother laser printers - one black and white one i got a while ago, and a colour one I got for my business.

I also have a scanner. I think this is the best way to go. Each device is the best for the job it has to do and they are not too expensive.

Check this out -

I hope that helps.

clogsz, Nov 7, 8:17am
Very good I have 5 black and white laser printers HL 2040 HL 2050 I buy new printer every time as it is 5 dollars more expensive but now I found PB computers they sell cartridges about 30 $ cheaper than Dick Smith

peter148, Nov 7, 8:59am
The Canon MP multifunction series is excellent.Read some reviews using Google.

maggie8, Nov 7, 10:25pm
Who are PB computers ??

r.g.nixon, Nov 7, 10:54pm
They are probably thinking of

e_c_78, Nov 7, 10:57pm
try might get a good deal

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