Printer doesn't work after downloading update

lizzie123, Nov 9, 7:09am
AVG - all the lights are on = ran troubleshooter but still my computer aint talking to my printer. the new AVG update may just be a red hering...any tips experts?

ferita, Nov 9, 7:11am
do a system restore to before the problem occured then get rid of AVG and replace it with avira or avast.

lizzie123, Nov 9, 7:26am
Thanks will do. Just removed AVG and printer still not working. will do system restore. Any other thoughts from other pros on these altenative antivirus programmes rather than AVG before I commit...

r.g.nixon, Nov 9, 7:42am
Get something smaller that doesn't need signature updates, and is superior at detecting malware if your system is clean to start with - Panda Cloud Antivirus (free version).

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