ACER AS5338 Please help

grace324, Nov 11, 9:20am
I know nothing about computers so need advice.Am looking for something for my teen to do corespondence school work,gaming,watch dvds,play cds etc on.Would this computer be suitable?Thanks in advance.

gibler, Nov 11, 9:22am
hhmmm acer.

grace324, Nov 11, 9:24am
ok is that good or bad?

r.g.nixon, Nov 11, 9:30am
Acer = shoddy. Only buy if you get at half price and don't expect to last more than 2-3 years. ASUS and Toshiba are the most reliable laptops (on average).

grace324, Nov 11, 9:43am
Ok thanks.So what sort of thing should I look for?As in memory etc

r.g.nixon, Nov 11, 9:53am
Depends. What sort of games? Laptops are not ideal for any of the latest "install from CD" games... but OK for web-based games.

grace324, Nov 11, 9:54am
Just web based games.

blenheim-trader, Nov 11, 9:59am
Any Toshiba or Asus with at least 256mb of dedicated graphics and minimum of 4gig of ram , 320 gig hard-drive and preferable a I3/5 etc CPU and wireless N if possible .

grace324, Nov 12, 9:36am
Thanks for the help.Hard when you arnt very computer savy.Just trying to get the best for her without spending a fortune.

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