Outlook email access from 2 laptops?

Before my PC crashed I had set up that a "copy" of all inward mail in our xtra.co.nz account would go to my laptop. This has meant duplicate email deletion etc but that has not worried us.

Now the PC is gone we are trying to get the same set up with my husbands laptop but can't seem to do it. I read about forwarding but don't want that so have left the POP choice selected.

I have read and reread the Yahoo-xtra help pages but cannot see where to set this up.

Can anyone help? TIA

geek_seedy4, Nov 13, 11:43 am

See if your email program does IMAP instead of POP. Then you get to read your email locally on any number of computers, but the email stays at your ISP. You may have to watch that it doesn't fill right up, as your mailbox may have a limit of 100MB (some ISPs) to 7.5GB (gmail).

geek_r.g.nixon, Nov 13, 12:02 pm

thanks for replying - where would I check for it having IMAP?

geek_seedy4, Nov 13, 12:07 pm

geek_r.g.nixon, Nov 13, 12:19 pm

Thanks again - will try it when I get home from town. This is exactly what we want.

geek_seedy4, Nov 13, 12:20 pm

few questions;
* does it make a difference that hubby has 2003 and I have 2007? Which configuration do we use or do we just use that correct version for each laptop?
* step 12 - what is the name of my IMAP4 server? (eg Yahoo??)
*step 13 - what is the name of my SMPT server?

What differences will I notice after I have done this?

Thanks heaps.

geek_seedy4, Nov 13, 3:31 pm

Sounds like you just need to select "leave a copy on the server" under the delivery section on the account in outlook.

geek_d.snell, Nov 13, 4:55 pm


IMAP or POP doesnt matter as long as you choose to keep a copy on the server you are ok.

Then just clean it up every so often by deleting them through webmail.

geek_ferita, Nov 13, 5:43 pm