Farmside Satellite Broadband

stefi, Nov 12, 11:39pm
any one out there has experienced satellite broadband with farmside. you happy with the service they provide, and what are the numbers you get on down & upload speeds?

hakatere1, Nov 13, 12:40am
Yep. Were on the plus plan 2gb onpeak, 50gb offpeak for $25 extra. Also home phone. Total cost about $180 before gst. Expensive, but all we can get, after all, we ARE 20km from town. Farmside satellite link.

stefi, Nov 14, 12:41am
hi hakatere1 thanks for your answer anyelse out there with FARMSIDE satellite broadband

barry93, Nov 14, 1:05am
1gb plan + $15/mth phone ,1.7up .6down happy with service been with them 10 odd years,way in the backblocks

stefi, Nov 15, 8:52am
thanks any more experienced farmside

peter148, Nov 15, 9:16am
1gb is smaller than the balls on a cow. I can use that up just downloading 1 hour of hardcore porn.

What happens if you go over your limit, do the prices go up exponentially, if it was me I'd be roaming at night looking for Dolly the friendly, but slightly blonde, sheep.

Seriously though, if you've got kids etc wo need to stay in touch with people then 5Gb should be the absolute minimum per month

vtecintegra, Nov 15, 9:26am
Do you have Telecom XT coverage?

directorylist, Nov 15, 9:27am
you never lived in the country huh :) got any idea what 5Gb cap on famrside will cost you?

cursedone, Nov 15, 9:34am
BigFrog. Uses diff satellite and is much cheaper especially in the set up costs.

peter148, Nov 15, 9:37am
I have genuine sympathy for all those innocent sheep.
Can't you turn your electric fences off at night and use dialup or something?

hakatere1, Nov 15, 10:55am
We've got 2gb and hardly ever get anywhere near it and we use it heaps. Only ever download between midnight and 2-pm and although we've got 50gb offpeak, never use more than 20gb.

volkier, Nov 15, 12:22pm
You get about a 2 second built in delay to any response - meaning anything that needs to process online in real time simply won't work. VOIP would have a 2ish second delay between when you talk, and when it actually sends.

We where using them until recently. The last half a year or so was ok (bar the above), but before that, since I started working for my boss (who uses it) up until then, it was highly unstable, you would be dropping connection left right and centre, and they "upgraded" their system not this but end of last winter(ish) - since they added in some kind of a phone package to satellite - which made VOIP flood the net and disconnect you (if you talk for longer than 5 seconds, your ping would go up to about 50k, followed by 100% packet loss, followed by a disconnect). They "seemed" to have fixed that - after denying everything for a few months.

Download speeds where fine - average (what you would expect from a satellite). Webpages would still load a lot slower than wired, simply because of the built in two second delay for the signal to bounce to and from the satellite.

1Gb is smaller than balls on a rat - let alone a cow. You would go over that in a week even if you don't use your internet for anything except for updating your system software components, drivers, and security software (something which you are 'supposed' to do regularly).

stefi, Nov 15, 6:01pm
thanks volkier

southernman, Nov 15, 7:18pm
I service has been ok but drops off if it even looks like raining. However I have had nothing but trouble with Farmside themselves. Also $100 odd for a 1GB is on the steep side. The person down the road gets the same for $55 with CRT but I think it is with a different provider?

fred, Nov 15, 7:20pm
What about these guys?

princelee, Nov 15, 8:58pm
i know of many people that have been very unhappy on farmside and have had to pay good money to get out of there contract and return to there old dial up. Problems have been with extremly slow speeds to quite often having no signal, etc...

Bigfrog I have never seen nothing bad with and seems to work quite a lot better than farmside, also pricing seems a lot more reasonable.

drcspy, Nov 15, 10:34pm
load of F****n garbage.Everyone has different usage patterns.I for one very rarely use more than 4-5Gb in a month and I'm always downloading stuff for my tech work.To assume that someone will use considerably more than 1gb per week is plain stupid - not every one watches hours of youtube/movies/video chat{skype} or etc at all some simply surf a bit and collect emails.

volkier, Nov 16, 11:09am
I'm not assuming "THEY" will use that. I'm pointing out that for most average systems, simply UPDATING all the software, drivers and security on it every month would be coming close to 1Gb - if not surpassing it. You are theoretically 'supposed' to do basic system maintenance you know?

dunedin_ree, Nov 16, 11:46am
I see you've changed your estimate from a week to a month now. Which is it?

stefi, Nov 19, 6:22pm
thanks to all who made an effort. it was very helpfull and I won't gowith farmside satellite broadband I decided wireless broadband is the way to go more reliable and probably cheaper to. from what I have heard "ubergroup" has a good coverage in the far North

guest_-_stu_m_na, Jan 8, 6:24am
Interesting - I am looking at Farmside or InZoneCorp ..for my parents . I think most ( but not all here ) live in the friggin exchange . Im in Napier , I get 256k down , 128 up ..and connected to the oldest exchange in the country ( True - google it ..Taradale Exchange Napier ) . I rarely get 256k down speed( 32kB/s transfer rate ) . As for the option of my parents - they have rural land line ( dialup is 5 times to connect at 9600bits ber second ! ) ..electric fence issues from the neighbours etc .. Broadband cant be delivered by copper we have tried / the ISP failed. Cellphone coverage , they have ONE bar on the phone , and have to stand in a sweet spot in the house and one in the backyard , or its no comms. They are 20mins drive from a urban exchange . You go figger if NZ has seriously invested in the rural community - its total BuLL$h1t .As for pricing ...the sat uplink / downlinks hardware install price has come down, but the data rate & caps are reducing - this is because users are increasing - its all about bandwidth. My folk prob need Farmside for better speed vs data cap - but they have trees in the western sky that protects their house from being blown off the ridge . So Inzonecorp is off a northern sat , but their rates are similiar , but speeds and data caps are worse than Farmside ..prob because farmsides usage of Ipstar 1 or Thaicom at 119.0 degs is newer and has better tech . Until a newer sat is launched/ replaces the Viasat or what ever it is in the northern position , I cant see speeds or costs coming down . And guess what - when it is replaced , we are all expected to pay for it . No new sat service is ever cheaper or carries the same costs when the service is upgraded. We all pay - users pay , but you lot that live in the cities connected to the exchange or have wifi to a local city tower have NO idea what the rural community have had a guts full. I $hit you not , 9600 bits per second , and its takes 5 attempts to connect. I ring south africa for cleaner connections than i get from my folks that live 1 hr from napier. NZ is in the dark ages and will be for another 20 years. Its all about numbers - more people in Sydney than NZ in total . Aparantly it costs 5 dollars to send a bill out in the mail for Farmside ...hell , I dont know how any company did business years ago when they had no computers to do the book work , and had to lick the stamps personally. Frig I have stamps that were 5c for NZ postage in my drawer . I cant get better broadband in my street in Napier than I have now ( 256 k down / 128k up ) because the copper in our street is stuffed , along with the copper that runs 1.5kms to the exchange . Until they can fix the 1970-80's NZ telco & power company cowboys ( she'll be right bro attitude ) we are screwed if we think we can provide technology to the country folk . look around , 1970's 80 houses ...all leaking , falling down . My folks home was built in 1895 -yess pre 1900 , and is stronger than my house made 2 years ago for 575K. All we need now is our grandfathers to come back and build us a network with the same design contraints that my parents house has. Do it once , and do it right . Im still waiting for proper internet ( a video that can stream without stopping ) in Napier 1.5 kms from an exchange . Slingshot said its out of their hands ...its a telecom exchange issue - apparantly the exchange in Taradale is " under investigation " ...this is 2 years on now. Oh by the way , my cellphone coverage in napier is crap also - it cuts in and out every call. So dont go and say I should use Telecoms Xt garbage , i can see the towers from my house , but anyone here cannot make use of them. Im hoping that Farmside will give me some faith in the Internet system, hopefully we can put my folks on VOIP to oneday when the data rate is better than 1MB / min talked.

brett, Oct 17, 9:29pm
We have farmside had a lot of trouble with them. Very expensive. We have the 10gb peak plan and we always go over the limit. We are not able to Skype its far to slow.

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