Adobe Photoshop ?

Does anyone know if Adobe Photoshop 4.0 is compatible with Windows XP?Also am I able to isolate a colour in a black and white photo eg pick out the rainbow as coloured and have the rest B&W?Thx

geek_lockley, Nov 15, 4:15 pm

Yes to both. Get a book out of the library or Google for instructions

geek_sammycat, Nov 15, 4:26 pm

geek_sammycat, Nov 15, 4:32 pm

Sammycat - after watching the tutorial, thx btw, it doesn't say whether or not I can do the colour thing with Adobe 4, are you saying that I can't cause the first person said that I could - now I'm confused

geek_lockley, Nov 15, 4:40 pm

I was the first person ;)

I meant the video is not for that version, but the instructions should be very similar. If not, they will be out there. I'm sure I did it in Photoshop Elements 4, using instructions from a book out of the library...

geek_sammycat, Nov 15, 4:54 pm

There is no colour in a black and white photo! Assuming you mean a colour photo then you need to duplicate the phot in another layer - convert that layer to monochrome and add a mask. With the mask active paint the rainbow with a black brush to reveal the colour underneath.

geek_deej5, Nov 15, 4:57 pm

Or ... post the image and see what us photo-shoppers can do for you.

geek_deej5, Nov 15, 5:17 pm

Thx for the offer deej5 but I'm looking a purchasing V4 and just needed to know if I could, lets get it right, remove the colour to make an image B&W then edit to add colour back in to a specific area.

geek_lockley, Nov 15, 6:15 pm

Yes it can as long as you start with a colour photo.Not magically though, you need to work with duplicating layers and then do a selective delete.

It's a bit like asking if a car can parallel park - it's a capability of the driver, not the car.

geek_dunedin_ree, Nov 15, 6:59 pm

Another option (if it's just one feature you want kept colour) use the free select tool to outline the thing you want coloured, invert selection, then desaturate.

geek_little_egypt, Nov 15, 7:27 pm

Photoshop is the most powerful image editor known to man. It has more capabilities than you'll ever get to know.

geek_lostdude, Nov 15, 7:28 pm

Thx everyone.

geek_lockley, Nov 15, 8:09 pm