Multifunction printer recommendations?

tjharris, May 24, 9:18am
Multifunction printer recommendations? Can anyone recommend a good multifunction printer? Must have fax/scan/print, auto document feeder, networked. Thanks.

gooker85, May 24, 9:28am
Dont go for brothercrap drivers& support services

tjharris, May 24, 9:32am
Yes our current printer is a brother mfc 210C. Was alright for a couple of months, now it's crap.

puffydawg, May 24, 9:36am
All depends do you want to go laser or inkjet
laser on average is about 4-6 cents per page approx and inkjet is about 22-26 cents per page, lasers cost more but pay for them selves and do you want color or black and white, if only B&W then go for a canon laser great value and works well

tjharris, May 24, 9:39am
Needs to be colour good printing of documents and images (not photos though). Have been looking at inkjets

pyro_sniper2002, May 24, 10:51am
HP Officejet J6480 Looks pretty good.

nzmu, May 24, 6:19pm
Have a look at the Epson CX9300 a little pricey but very good. Ink carts under $20.

smarteevia, May 24, 9:23pm
We got a hp Photosmart c6180 about 18 months ago. Very impressed however we do go through the ink pretty fast. If you are going to be doing considerable amount of printing would pay to do sums and see if colour laser would be cheaper in long run.

art4ukiwi, May 24, 9:59pm
In 25 years of PC's HP printers have never let me down. and they do not hog ink

cessna3, May 24, 10:04pm
Brother not so good we have a mfc 235C works fine, but sucks the ink quickly, Brother has drivers for Linux thou.

_whatever, May 24, 10:31pm
Yeah go for HP and then you won't be concerned about the price of cheese or petrol because the price of consumables will kill you!

jj97, May 25, 1:38am
No Contest HP or Canon I have been in the ink business.

Basically comes down to Canon for quality of print and reliability of printer or HP for cheaper running costs.

Both streets ahead of the competition.

Avoid Lexmark like the plague.

Use Inktec refills on your HP to lower costs. Don't let the cartridge get too empty or the ink dries or the print head burns out. Should get 4-5 refills before you need a new cartridge.

crab2, May 25, 2:06am
Epson CX5700F here, great and very reliable, easy on the ink. If I run out of ink I just use the computer's fax if I need to fax anything, lol.

pcmaster, May 25, 2:08am
HP cheaper running costs? yeah right tui ad for that one!!!

pyro_sniper2002, May 25, 3:29am
Hpput squillans in to R&D on their printer ink. All the warehouse stationary stores are using hugh HP inkjet printers for their photo lab. Ink their ink will not fade for 100 years apprently.

tjharris, May 25, 4:21am
Ended up with HP Officejet 6310. On sale for $227 at Warehouse Stationery, and there is a $30 off via redemption with HP. It's networked (best part about it), and the print quality seems fine.

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