Is there any such thing as a good printer

southlandstock, Nov 17, 1:26am
Thank you in advance but I have had non-stop issues with my epson stylus and today a foreign object going through with the paper has bought out more noises than usual and it won't do anything. I am looking at buying again because it uses too much ink and does not print well. Any advise would be appreciated.

vtecintegra, Nov 17, 1:30am
What do you print?If its mainly text look a Laser printer, these can be had relatively cheap now.

little_egypt, Nov 17, 1:44am
No such thing as a good inkjet in my blunt opinion. Print a hundred pages in a row and they're usually stuffed by the end of it.

Lasers cost a bit more upfront but they're cheaper to run and far more reliable. I'd much rather have an old second-hand black and white laser than a new inkjet.

jeremy_74, Nov 17, 1:51am
Brought a laser printer from here in may 2008 for about $30 from memory.
Just needed a toner cartridge which cost me about $100.

Still going on that toner but I only usually print 1 or 2 pages on average.
Thats printing everyday though ;)

southlandstock, Nov 17, 1:56am
I do have an old printer which has built-in ink and the only reason why I do not attach it to the 'dell' is because it has different fittings...would it be worth getting it changed (if possible) and I do mostly print text. My business letters are suppose to be formal but with bad printing it gets a bit embarrassing and I find myself apoligising all the time (not a good professional look for business).

little_egypt, Nov 17, 1:58am
I was printing the local computer magazine on mine, 150 pages double-sided every month for about six months. No idea how much toner it had when I got it or how much it has now, was given to me second-hand by a friend because their work got a fancy new colour one. I guess when it runs out I should probably look into a refill because it seems to be a pretty good printer.

southlandstock, Nov 17, 2:00am
gee....that was alright. It has more than paid for itself.

little_egypt, Nov 17, 2:05am
I'm hoping they'll want to upgrade again sometime soon, and my next printer will be their colour one. It has to be two or three years old by now...

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