Adobe Illustrator - Burn tool???

I need to use the burn tool in illustrator following a tutorial for a portfolio but i can not seem to find it anywhere! ive scoured the tool bars and windows section but no luck. Can anyone tell me where to find it?

geek_dunklerengel69, Nov 17, 3:36 pm

& your version of Illustrator is?

geek_lostdude, Nov 17, 4:19 pm


geek_dunklerengel69, Nov 17, 4:22 pm

Click and hold on the dodge tool and an option to select the burn tool will appear. the dodge tool is above the pen tool (the one that looks like a pen nib)

geek_twaymouth, Nov 17, 4:22 pm

*Edit* lol nvm. As above...

geek_lostdude, Nov 17, 4:26 pm