Advice please re buying a printer

htboy, Nov 17, 5:06am
Im looking at buying a printer for printing photo's, should i be looking at laser or ink? what is a reliable brand? going into the shop's i find they just fill my head with to much info and there are so many to choose from.


r.g.nixon, Nov 17, 7:44am
Inkjet for photos. But will be more bother and expensive than the 10 or 12 cent deals at Dick Smith, Norman Ross, Harvey Norman, Warehouse Stationary.

dude2099, Nov 17, 8:00am
yeah rg has a good point, costs a fortune for the photo paper plus decent ink compared to $2.50 for 25 photos

esdott, Nov 17, 8:33am
depends on the quality your after, epson and canon seem to be leading the market at present. try to get one that uses current compatibles, dont waste money on genuine.
Look for a good page yeild. around 240 to 300 pages per cart.
Good quality photo paper is inexpensive, harveys and red shed are overpriced but a Bit of hunting you can find some good stuff $2 shop or UBL gets good results.
Using the redshed or harveys is a false economy for printing as it costs you to take and pick up the photo's and even worse if you only want to print one pic.
Buy some good a4, you can cut it to 6x4 and use it in your printer.

Check the gsm on your printer and the paper, epson can take up to 270gsm some others struggle at 175gsm.

ttaotua1, Nov 17, 8:58am
I hate printers and buying ink! I don't use mine since i bought it and now I jus take my flash drive to the library to print now.

htboy, Nov 17, 8:59am
Thank's #5, sum good advice.

vtecintegra, Nov 17, 10:14pm
My cheapo HP C5380 (an all in one) can print really nice pictures provided you play around with the settings and use photo paper.

The caveat is that yes it is expensive to run, much more so than just going to Harvey Norman or the Warehouse if you need to print anything more than one or two pictures at a time.

torican08, Nov 19, 6:32am
I have an HP Laserjet 4060TN... Its old and cruddy (and huge) but holds heaps of paper, is networkable and I have yet to change the toner! It has printed (or more accurately - processed) 181900 pages in its lifetime(the printers lifetime that is - not the toners obviously). Got it for $20 off some office on trademe.

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